Getting to the gym or outside to exercise can be difficult with infants and toddlers. However, this doesn’t mean you have to neglect your body and sit around all day looking after kids. There are ways to incorporate exercise into everyday activities and chores around your house, at work, or even at the grocery store.

Walk While You’re On the Phone
You may do this anyway, but try to walk around your house or pace while you’re on the phone. It’s much easier to do this these days than it used to be, and your cell phone or home phone should be able to go anywhere in the house with you. Try walking up and down your steps if you have them, or just up and down your hallway.

Depending on how long you talk, this can be up to 30 minutes of walking that you can do right in your own home. You can even carry your infant during this time to and add some weight or just calm your child down if they’re fussy.

Use the Stairs

If you have multiple young children, this isn’t always a feasible option. However, if you only have a toddler or an infant, you can totally take the stairs at the mall or during any shopping trips. Remember to be safe though, and if you have a lot of bags to carry on top of a toddler or baby, just take the elevator. You can make up the exercise later during a phone call.

Do Your Own Yard Work
This is another thing you might already do, but it’s worth mentioning. In the spring and summer you can set up an enclosed play area for your toddler or get your spouse to watch your infant for an hour while you mow the lawn or pull weeds. Mowing the lawn burns 420 calories per hour, which is about the same as a game of tennis.

Walk Around During Lunch

Most people get about 30-60 minutes for lunch each day. Instead of spending the entire time sitting down, get up and walk around outside if the weather permits it. My mom just switched from standing up all day to sitting in front of a computer, so she started walking during lunch. The effects are pretty noticeable after just a few weeks and if you sit down all day, the exercise is a nice change of pace.

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