Exercise is becoming a staple in more and more woman's lives, including during pregnancy. Many women view exercise as an integral, if not vital, part of their daily lives and schedules. All women should consult their physician before beginning any exercise program during pregnancy to confirm they do not possess any contraindications for exercise.
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New Pregnancy Exercise Routines

Women who are pregnant should start a daily exercise program even if they have not exercised prior to pregnancy. ... more »
Postpartum Exercise

Exercise Hormone Destroys Worst Fat Cells

Some people really enjoy exercising but most of us, probably not. We understand the need for it and most of us intend to do more but we find distractions and make excuses instead. A new study from the University of Florida (UF), however, may provide incentive than any we’ve ever heard before. ... more »

Active Lifestyle Slows Asthma Lung Damage

Every year, more than 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with asthma.  The disease causes the airways to become so inflamed it makes breathing difficult and can be severe enough to be fatal.  Generally, the longer a person has the disease, the more damage to the lungs and bronchial tubes but a recent study from Norway found that the respiratory system of asthma patients who mai ... more »
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7 Things You Did Not Know About Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

These seven things here that tell you what you did not know about getting pregnant in Your 30s: 1)   Get check-ups before trying to get pregnant ... more »
When to exercise

3 Essential Steps for Daily Self Care

Self care after birth begins with taking personal responsibility and becoming proactive. Start saying to yourself “I deserve to be happy and healthy”, “I will make time for myself today” or “I need to be healthy for my child” . ... more »
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Drink More Water – Not Beverages – For Skinnier Body

Never before in the history of the world have there been so many ways to quench thirst.  The array of beverages can be mind-boggling but the body works best when water is the drink of choice.  Many flavored beverages are packed with more calories than a banana split, leading some medical studies to suggest the weight-loss benefits of water is nothing more than an absence of added sugar an ... more »
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Should you keep your pulse below 140 when exercising in pregnancy

One of my pregnant patients recently asked me if she should keep her heart rate no higher than 140 beats per minute when exercising?  Answer:There is presently no scientific basis and no official recommendation to keep the heart rate during pregnancy below certain levels. ... more »