Packing your children around in your car can be a tiring ordeal. You have to strap them into their car seat and then constantly check in your review mirror to ensure that they’re not unbuckling themselves or uncomfortable in a way that will cause them to cry or yell. To help solve some of these mobile problems, the First Years has developed the world’s first car seat that communicates with your Smartphone called the iAlert.

At the first glance, the car seat looks like any other well-made product. It’s a comfortable and easy-to-use car seat that features a removable headrest for better rear-facing installation and it comfortably sits any infant or toddler up to 35 pounds. It also comes with an easy-to-read center angle indicator with two position settings. It’s also easy to adjust and has been side impact tested.

However, these aren’t the only features. The product also has a downloadable app that will record information from the car seat and send it directly to your Smartphone. When you purchase the car seat, you automatically get access to a free downloadable app which you can customize for your child.

Some features of the app include check orientation for the rear facing option. Notifications will alert you when you haven’t properly achieved the correct angle and will assist you in positioning the seat correctly. You will also be notified if you child manages to unbuckle themselves or if they have gotten out of their seat.

The app also helps with emergency situations as well and will tell you if your child is ever unattended in the car alone and the app stores up to 12 different emergency contacts. Other handy features include temperature monitoring for your little ones that haven’t starting to speak yet. The app monitors the backseat temperature so you can see if your child is becoming too hot, or too cold.

To set up your car seat so that it syncs with your phone, you should charge is fully before using it. Also, ensure that the Bluetooth feature is on so that there will be no connection issues. To ensure that emergency contacts can be notified, be sure to enter in the correct and full phone numbers as well as a valid email address.

The First Years also carries a few other tech gadgets for your baby including several different baby monitors, and they even have products for mommy like the Breastflow Memory Pump designed to make pumping breast milk efficient and comfortable.

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