If you’re a woman who loves to use natural herbs in her everyday life, you probably have a plethora of different kinds for different purposes. Some herbs might be to deepen the shine in your hair, while others might be to help you fall asleep at night. Women who use natural herbs for everyday purposes often find that commercial products are no longer necessary. Herbal products can really enhance your lifestyle every day. However, even the most devout users of herbal products might wonder what kind of effect they’ll have on their baby when they become pregnant. Products sold in grocery stores have been tested many times and are proven safe for everyone, but herbal products have not necessarily gone through such testing. If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant and are in the habit of using herbal products, you should first consider which products are safe for your growing baby.

A recent study showed that when consumed by the mother during the last two trimesters of pregnancy, flax, chamomile, peppermint and green tea did not affect the birth weight of babies. Low birth weight is a common occurrence in babies whose mothers had a negatively affected pregnancy in some way, and it can have many serious and lifelong side effects. Babies with a low birth weight might be underdeveloped both physically and mentally. Clearly, preventing low birth weight should be a top priority for expectant mothers, so knowing which herbal products might have a negative effect is important.

Since this particular study only focused on a few specific herbal products, you should try doing more research to find out if your favorites are safe or not. Some products might be safe for cooking and consumption, but unsafe for topical applications. Knowing which is which could be the difference between a healthy baby and a baby born too small. Other studies suggest that rue, juniper and bloodroot might be bad for pregnant women and their babies. If you’re confused about the effects herbal products might have, you should speak with your doctor. If your doctor cannot recommend any safe replacements for your daily herbal products, you might have to give some up until your baby is born. While giving up parts of your daily routine can seem difficult at first, you should keep in mind that having a healthy baby will outweigh any sacrifices you had to make during your pregnancy.

Source: K Moussally et al: Exposure To Specific Herbal Products During Pregnancy And The Risk Of Low Birth Weight. US National Library of Medicine Volume 18 Issue 2 pp. 36-42 April 2012

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