A few days ago, I posted an article about some of the biggest fertility myths, and that spurred some conversations about what actually works. While fertility always varies for each couple, I did find a few strategies that seem to support fertility for some couples.

Charting your menstrual cycle is a helpful first step to knowing when you are most likely to conceive. In general, your uterus is most fertile in the days before your period, so knowing when those days are going to be will help you plan ahead. There are many books, websites, and apps that all can help you keep track of what your body is telling you.

Ovulation Kits
Ovulation kits are one of the most helpful and useful fertility aids out there. They work by tracking your hormones and paying attention to the invisible signs that your body is ready to release an egg. Specifically, ovulation tests check for increases in your Luteinizing Hormone levels.

Herbal tea and herbs such as FertilAid can help promote hormone regulation. Vitex agnus-castus is a Mediterranean plant that has been shown to help smooth out hormones, alleviate symptoms of various gynecological problems, and can be made into tea such as Fertilitea. Trifolium pratense or red clover can deliver many important minerals for the health of your uterus. Always discuss your plans for an herbal regimen with your doctor.

Sperm-Friendly Personal Lubricants
Pre-Seedis a personal lubricant designed to both make sex more pleasurable as well as increase your chances of getting pregnant. While many personal lubricants on the market can harm sperm, Pre-Seed is a sperm-friendly lubricant that helps provide an inviting environment for sperm.

Robitussin is primarily a cold medicine used to alleviate a cough, but it can work for you to help make your vaginal canal a more hospitable environment. As always, talk to your doctor before you begin any kind of self-medication. The way that Robitussin works is by breaking down mucus membranes, making them more slippery. If your vagina is not producing enough mucus, Robitussin may be able to make your vaginal mucus more slippery.

Fertility Pills
Clomid is a fertility pill that works by telling your body to ovulate. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator that has become one of the most widely prescribed fertility drugs. You take it early in your menstrual cycle so that it has time to work on your hormones. Clomid is a prescription pill and is prescribed by your doctor after conventional methods have not resulted in conception.

Always speak with a doctor before prescribing yourself anything. Cycle tracking and ovulation kits can be used without a doctor’s supervision, but any other fertility aids that you are considering should be discussed first with a health professional. You should inform them of your plans anyway -- they will probably have some great advice!

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