15% of couples, who are trying to conceive, face infertility and half of these cases are due to male fertility issues. There are many factors which cause fertility problems in men, but the most prominent ones include a low sperm count and motility rate. Although it is important to talk to your medical practitioner to help you with fertility problems, there are certain measures which can be taken independently to assist in improving your chances of conceiving. A balanced diet and nutritional supplements are one such measure which can help you without undergoing drastic fertility treatments.

Improving male fertility is actually much easier than you think. Antioxidants prevent oxidative damage to the sperm as well as enhance the defence mechanism of the seminal plasma which protect and nourish sperms. That is why using a good blend of antioxidants is the key formula to increase male fertility. Antioxidants are generally known to improve sperm motility and mobility.

Although there are a number of natural antioxidants available for this purpose, grape seed extract has proven to be the most promising one. Grape seed extract is a natural substance extracted from a plant, which provides a concentrated source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins. These substances are considered to be very vital antioxidants, as they protect cells from free radical damage. It is rich in polyphenols, a compound which is highly saturated in antioxidants. It also contain antho-cyanidins or OPCs, which is a powerful antioxidant used in improving the overall male sexual health. In addition to this, in case of erectile dysfunction, grape seeds along with Arginine can be used for a period of at least 3 months yields remarkable results.

According to research, about10 – 40 % men face infertility but a large number of these men have succeeded in improving fertility by proper nutrition and lifestyle changes only. These changes may include stress reduction, increased exercise, meditation and eating foods rich in natural antioxidants. So before you lose hope, try using an infertility supplement which is fortified with grape seed extract for better results!

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