What is Male Fertility?

Male fertility is half of the equation when trying to conceive (TTC) and therefore it is equally as important as female fertility. Males contribute to or are responsible for a couple's infertility about 40% of the time, and since male fertility testing is simpler and less invasive than fertility testing in females, it is commonly recommended for fertility testing to begin with the man. Male infertility is the number one single cause of infertility among most couples and it is largely due to abnormal sperm. There are several problems with a man’s sperm that can affect his fertility, such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, and abnormal sperm shape. Some experts suggest that over half of all male infertility is due to a low sperm count. The most common one, low sperm count, is the one that is most often discussed, and with good reason. Some experts suggest that over half of all male infertility is due to a low sperm count.

However, there are other types of sperm problems that can interfere with pregnancy, including low sperm motility (movement) and abnormal sperm. Abnormal sperm can be caused by a number of factors but the most common are age and genetics. As a man ages, sperm tends to have a higher number of genetic abnormalities. It’s more likely for a man in his 50s to have a high number of abnormal sperm than it is for a man in his 20s, for example. Exposure to heavy metals, radiation, and even certain nutrients can also affect your sperm. These can cause a low sperm count, problems with motility as well as abnormal sperm. Abnormal sperm can also be caused by infection, fever, alcohol consumption, smoking, and certain medical abnormalities like a varicocele or a congenital testicular defect.

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Male Fertility

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Critical Fertility Enzymes

A new discovery may shed light on the problem of human infertility. Whilst sperm differs in appearance and movement across different species, there are key enzymes, although few in number, essential for the promotion of quality sperm and sperm motility. ... read more »

Tick, Tock Goes the Male Fertility Clock

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How to Find Accurate Information on Male Fertility

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Your Mouth May be the Key to Your Fertility

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The Cost of Male Fertility Drugs

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CoQ10 May Improve Male Fertility

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How Reducing Stress Helps Improve Fertility

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Taste Receptors on Testicles Linked to Fertility

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Premature Ejaculation and Male Fertility

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Proliferation Capacity of Human Sperm

Vitrification is a relatively new freezing method commonly used to preserve unfertilized eggs to preserve fertility. Vitrification, unlike other freezing methods, does not produce ice crystals on eggs. ... read more »

Reproductive Breakthrough: Sperm Developed From Cells

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University have developed normal sperm from mouse cells. The cells were extracted from the testicles of mice. ... read more »

"Family Jewels" Cooling Product Aids Fertility

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Male Diseases Affecting Male Fertility

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Male Fertility Changes as You Age

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Male Fertility Infertility Tests - Sperm Count Sperm Semen Analysis

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Low Sperm Count

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Adolescent Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy on Fertility

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Absence of DNA-Organizing Protein Affects Male Fertility

A study conducted in 2007 revealed a protein, Chd5, re-organizes the DNA of a cell in a way that stops development of cancerous tumors. ... read more »

Prenatal Exposures and Anti-Mullerian Hormone

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Nuts for Fertility

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Does Having One Testicle Affect Fertility?

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Try Drinking More Water To Produce More Sperm

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Sperm Count Calculator

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Erectile Dysfunction and Male Fertility

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SNPs in KIT and KITLG Genes Play a Role in Oligospermia

The signaling system between KIT and KITLG genes is important in sperm production, which means it could play an important role in infertility and impairment of sperm production. ... read more »

Reliability of Semen Analysis in Young Males

Young men at risk for infertility can submit a semen sample before moving from pediatric care to adult care as results of semen analysis in adult years are similar to those in pediatric years, according to researchers from the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. ... read more »

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Epididymitis and Reproductive Function

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Dad’s Biological Clock Just as Important as Mom’s

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