Another thing I really wanted to do with my new natural fertility program was to do fertility hypnosis. I'd once again been introduced to the very program I wanted to use through a Facebook ad (Facebook sends me lots of ads for fertility products...hmmm, maybe it knows I'm interested in that topic!). When I read the sales page for this program, it all seemed so right and made so much sense to me. I knew that if I used it, I'd get pregnant. It wasn't just that the program guaranteed a pregnancy, it's that I literally did feel this program would reset my mind and body to create the necessary conditions for immediate conception and the perfect pregnancy.

I bought it and went through the first module the very next day. It consisted of four videos that explained how our mind affects our body in so many different ways (in almost every way, actually), and the importance of creating the perfect egg, the perfect fertilization and implantation, the perfect embryo, and the perfect baby through our thoughts, and reinforcing those thoughts by backing them up with actions. I watched every video, rapt with attention.

There were two e-books to download to read and my leisure that discussed this topic in more detail and laid out a full plan for easy conception. Mind over matter meant this would make a baby regardless of a person's fertility situation. All you needed was an egg, one sperm, a uterus, and to still be having periods.

Finally, there were several hypnosis audios. I listened to the first one, which was on conception. It took me so deeply into the hypnotic state that I not only visualized conceiving all three of my desired babies, I visualized what they will look like, their appearances, their interests and personalities, and what they will be like as adults!

The thoughts just came to me on their own, even though the hypnosis audio didn't say to visualize all of those things yet. I even got so deeply into the hypnotic state that I leaned forward without realizing it and knocked over my cup of tea. I came out of the hypnotic state then, feeling that I knew my children and knowing this program was going to help me bring them into being.