As I mentioned before, the saline sonogram was actually pretty painful even though I was assured beforehand it would be painless. This was entirely due to me having a very tiny cervix that required dilation just to get the catheter to go in it. The doctor later drew me a picture of a circle only slightly bigger than the head of a pin and said that was the size of my cervix opening. Then he drew a circle around that which was about the circumference of a pencil eraser and said that was how far open they dilated me. All that pain for such a small dilation!

He told me that uterine polyps can often cause heavy periods, but usually cause no symptoms. I said my periods were regular, but extremely light. He said that was probably because my cervix opening was too small to let all of the blood out during my periods. That explained why on the rare occasion I get clots with my period that they nearly double me over with pain. They're stretching out the opening of my cervix!

All of the saline came back out of my uterus on its own almost as soon as the doctor removed the probe. However, I was still a bit crampy. I continued to be crampy for a week afterward, too. It was almost as if I were having a light period. The cramps were accompanied by a thick cervical discharge that was tinged with blood like I often get right before my period. The doctor had said I might get cramps for the rest of the day after the test, but not the whole week. I kind of hoped the blood in the cervical mucus that was coming out of me was a cleanse of sorts, cleaning out any excess blood that had been trapped in there by my small cervix.

Once the cramping stopped, I started to consider moving up the date of the polyp removal surgery. There was really no reason to wait till the end of October. There was an opening next week. Why not go ahead and do it? Then I could start the IVF more quickly. It was starting to seem like an attractive idea.

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