I decided there was no reason for me to wait until the end of October to get that uterine polyp removed. It was basically just me putting off surgery because I dislike medical procedures of any kind and try to avoid them. However, by putting this off, I was putting off having a baby, and after much deliberation, I knew that putting off getting pregnant any longer was just not something I wanted to do. I could get started on the baby making three weeks sooner by taking the next available surgery slot, so I did. I rescheduled and got an appointment for October 4.

They originally scheduled me for surgery at noon, with an arrival time of 10 am. That would have been great, since I am NOT a morning person (it's why I don't teach school anymore and work from home instead), and I'm an hour away from the clinic. Then, they called a few days later and said there was a cancelation and I was now to be there at 8 am, with surgery at 10 am. But they weren't done moving me around yet! The day before the surgery, I got a call saying my surgery was now at 8:30 am and I was to be there at 7 am. What were they doing to me?!

I called the clinic to find out why it was now so ungodly early, and they said the doctor had a busy afternoon that day so was doing all surgeries in the morning, and I was second on the roster. I took the opportunity to let them know I would not be accepting any general anesthesia for this and asked if this would be a problem. The lady on the phone said it would not be a problem, that I could talk to the anesthesiologist about alternatives, and they wouldn't force anything on me I didn't want.

I also decided it would be best to just take a nap in the evening and then stay up all night if I had to be there at such an abominable hour anyway. I just had to text my friend who would be taking me there (as my husband was unable to do so) and give her the bad news on the early arrival time. She said she was unafraid. That's more than I could say!

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