While waiting for my first IVF appointment, I decided to make room for the new child. This was both a physical and a spiritual endeavor. I've always read that if you want something, you should act as if it has already come to you. Focusing on having it and not on the fact that you don't yet have it is what will attract the things you want the most to you (at least, that's the case in my own personal beliefs). You also have to show the universe you're ready to receive it.

Knowing the IVF treatments were coming up soon, I wasted no time in showing the universe I was ready for the baby to come. I started by buying an adorable onesie made of green organic cotton. Green is my favorite color and a gender-neutral color. This was my way of showing I had room for the baby's clothes and was open to either gender. I tucked the onesie into a dresser drawer that had plenty of room for other baby clothes.

Next, I started talking with my husband about where we would put the bassinet and how we would ensure none of our four cats got into it. They're sweet, friendly cats, but even the sweetest animal could accidentally hurt an infant without meaning to do so. We decided there was plenty of room on either side of the bed and that an alternate access route could be built for the cats to get to their feeding bowls and litter boxes (as they only had one current route to those things and it was through the bedroom). We also decided the baby would sleep in a bassinet or crib in the room with us for at least the first year.

We started talking like we already had kids together, too. In conversations between ourselves and with other people, we were saying things like, "when our kids are school age" and "that would be a great place to take the kids!" We even discussed expanding the house to add extra bedrooms for when the kids are teenagers and need their own space. We were talking like our children were already here, because to us it was a given that they were coming. It was only a matter of how soon they would arrive.

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