So, I was both bummed about having to wait another month to start the IVF and nervous about undergoing the polyp removal procedure. I started reading up on the various anesthesia options for this so I could be armed with information when the anesthesiologist inevitably wanted to give me some kind of general anesthesia that I wanted no part of...I needed alternatives I could demand!

Ironically, and in what I consider the universe's way of telling me everything was going to be cool and I was going to get pregnant, a good childhood friend posted on Facebook the day after I found out I had to have the polyp removal that she was pregnant with twins! This was a girl who I'd met when we were six and we'd played together nearly every day from the day we met, excluding holidays and family vacations, until we went to different high schools when we were fifteen.

She'd only been married two years to my seventeen, but like me, she hadn't had any children yet. I knew from the summer when I was running my IVF fundraiser that she and her husband were having to look at IVF to have children. After seeing her message that she was pregnant, I private messaged her and asked if it was through IVF. She responded back right away that it was through IVF, and that she'd had to have several polyps removed from her uterus before undergoing the IVF procedure. It was just like my situation!

She answered my questions and concerns about the polyp removal, the IVF hormones, and the egg retrieval. She also said they'd only managed to get four eggs from her, but two took and that's how she got twins on her first try. I was put somewhat at ease by hearing about her own experiences and highly encouraged at her results. The similarities in our situations seemed too coincidental to be coincidence. I knew this was a sign I would have similar results when I finally underwent IVF myself, and that felt good.


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