There are many home pregnancy tests to choose from. Some have a digital screen that says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT and others have one line, two lines, one line and a plus or one line and no plus. You can find strips that turn colors to indicate pregnancy and more. As of late, pregnancy test prices have ranged from $3 to more than $20 each. Then, a new product hit the market. The dollar store pregnancy test.

Pregnancy TestWhere can you find a $1 pregnancy test?
Walmart, Dollar Tree and other stores that offer everything for $1 sell pregnancy tests. We all know that most $1 items are far inferior to the name brand or, at least, store generic brand of a product, but what about pregnancy tests?

I looked around through multiple pregnancy forms and Q&A sites and found out the real life answer to the question of whether or not you have to spend a mint to find out you're pregnant. The vast majority of women preferred the pregnancy test to the more expensive brand. Some even reported finding out they were pregnant at three or four days before their missed period using the alternative. 

All home pregnancy tests work the same way. The user urinates on a stick or collects urine in a clean container and dips the stick in the urine. The urine travels down the stick to a piece of reactive paper. The paper reacts to HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG means pregnant and no HCG means not pregnant. 

Are there pregnancy tests cheaper than $1?
Several websites offer pregnancy strips you can purchase in bulk. The price per strip is less than $1. You simply pee in a cup or small container and dip the paper inside. The paper will change color if you are pregnant according to the package details.