home pregnancy test (HPT)

A home pregnancy test (HPT) is a urine test that can be purchased at your local drug store or pharmacy and easily conducted at home. If you are pregnant, then the urine home pregnancy test (HPT) can be positive as early as 10-11 days after ovulation and fertilization, i.e. several days before the next menstrual period.

    How a Negative Pregnancy Test Can Be Wrong (and Vice Versa)

    How many of us have performed more than one pregnancy test, just to be sure? Are we crazy – or should we not trust the results of our home pregnancy tests? ... more »

    Kim Kardashian Has a False Positive Pregnancy Test

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    What to Expect at My First Prenatal Visit

    If you recently had a positive home pregnancy test, scheduling your first prenatal visit is the next step. Having prenatal care is vital in order to ensure that both you and baby are healthy. ... more »

    Are expensive home pregnancy tests better than cheap ones?

    You can find strips that turn colors to indicate pregnancy and more. As of late, pregnancy test prices have ranged from $3 to more than $20 each. Then, a new product hit the market. The dollar store pregnancy test. ... more »

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    Is there an age limit for buying a home pregnancy test?

    There is a huge push to prevent teen pregnancy and that push has resulted in a drop in teen pregnancy rates, but that doesn’t mean teens are not having sex and that they no longer need home pregnancy tests. ... more »

    How Do You Do a Home Pregnancy Test?

    There are many different types of home pregnancy tests (HPTs). Most drugstores sell HPTs over the counter. ... more »

    All About a Conception Calculator

    The conception calculator can be used to estimate the date of pregnancy conception. Conception calculators use the first day of the previous menstrual cycle to estimate the date of conception. ... more »

    When to Test for Pregnancy With the Best Results

    Despite the claim that home pregnancy tests are effective as little as two to three days before the first day of your next menstrual cycle, the female body does not always live up to this expectation. ... more »

    Top 5 Questions About Pregnancy Tests

    Before jumping into a home pregnancy test or other form of pregnancy test, it is best to understand how they work and the best way to use them. ... more »

    Positive Pregnancy Test: When And How Early After Implantation?

    A positive pregnancy test usually happens around the time of a missed period. ... more »

    Home Testing for Menopause

    FSH, or follicle stimulating hormone, values climb as a woman reaches menopause. The same levels can also climb because of normal menstrual cycle. ... more »

    The Cervical Cap - FemCap

    The cervical cap is contraceptive device. It is a soft rubber barrier that covers the cervix in order to prevent sperm from entering into the uterus. In addition, spermicide is added to kill any sperm that may bypass the cap. ... more »

    What Are My Chances Being Pregnant With a Negative Pregnancy Test? Am I Pregnant?

    A repeatedly negative early pregnancy test when you missed your period means that you are not pregnant. ... more »

    Negative Pregnancy Test Late Period: Could I Still Be Pregnant?

    A negative pregnancy test before a missed period could mean you tested too early; a negative test after a missed period often means you are not pregnant. ... more »

    Pregnancy Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Our complete list of  pregnancy and fertility acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in forums and pregnancy and TTC communities. ... more »

    Normal hCG Levels

    When a blood pregnancy test is run, the hCG level will be reported to the obstetrician. This level will give the doctor a look into the age and the health of the pregnancy. ... more »

    False Positive False Negative Pregnancy Test

    A false positive early pregnancy tests is a pregnancy test that is positive when in fact you are not pregnant. ... more »

    Early Home Pregnancy Test HPT

    Several brands of home pregnancy tests claim to test for pregnancy before the missed period. These tests are more sensitive to hCG. ... more »

    How to Use an OPK

    Using an ovulation prediction kit is very similar to using an at home pregnancy test. The kits are designed with sticks that are used to collect urine directly from the urine stream. ... more »

    Better Prenatal Care with More Pregnancy Tests

    Providing women who are having unprotected sex with a home pregnancy test could have a substantial impact on the health of potential newborns. ... more »

    How to Survive the First Trimester of Pregnancy in 12 Steps

    The first trimester of the pregnancy brings about the most dramatic changes. Our 12 step program helps you survive this important trimester. ... more »

    OPK as Pregnancy HPT Test? I Don't Think So!

    You cannot and and should not use the OPK ovulation predictor kit opk test as a pregnancy test. Each of these two tests checks for a different hormone ... more »

    Pregnancy Landmarks - When Can We Identify Them?

    As pregnancy progresses you can make the pregnancy diagnoses seeing several landmarks where you would normally expect to see the pregnancy development. ... more »

    The Very First Pregnancy Symptoms

    When a couple is trying to conceive they can become obsessed looking for those first symptoms of pregnancy.  While the symptoms do vary from person to person there are many symptoms that are so common they can be useful to watch for.    ... more »

    Early Pregnancy Test - When to Do it

    Should you do a pregnancy test before a missed period and what results can you expect? ... more »

    Pregnant with a Negative Pregnancy Test?

    Can you be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test and when should it be positive? ... more »

    Pregnancy Test 99% Accurate?

    What does it mean when manufacturers claim their home pregnancy test HPT is 99% accurate? ... more »

    Pregnancy Test - When is It Usually Positive?

    A blood pregnancy test is is usually positive 10+ days after ovulation fertilization and a urine pregnancy test is positive 2-3 days later. ... more »

    Amenorrhea - Missing Your Period - Pregnancy Diagnosis

    Amenorrhea is the absence of a menstrual period. Missing your regular menstrual period is for most women the very first early pregnancy sign. ... more »

    Early and Home Pregnancy Test Info and HPT and hCG levels

    Early home pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormone hCG human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine. ... more »

    Pregnancy Tests - Introduction

    How does a pregnancy test work? Pregnancy tests work by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone found only in pregnant women. There are both urine and blood pregnancy tests (HPTs) ... more »

    Lighter Than Usual Period

    Could I be pregnant even though I had a light period? ... more »

    Pregnancy Tests - Consumer Reports Reviews

    Consumer Reports tested 18 pregnancy tests to find out which brands work best. Buy the top performers and follow their tips for the most accurate results. ... more »

    When Does a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) Become Positive?

    When does a home pregnancy test (HPT) become positive? ... more »

    Accuracy of Urine Home Pregnancy Tests on First Day of Missed Period

    How accurate are urine home pregnancy tests (HPTs) on first day of a missed period? ... more »

    How Home Pregnancy Tests Work

    How home pregnancy tests (HPTs) work. ... more »

    OPK - What Does a Faint Line Mean?

    Contrary to a pregnancy test a faint OPK line is not a positive line. ... more »

    Pregnancy Tests - Consumer Reports

    Consumer Reports 2003 Ratings for the best home pregnancy tests (HPT). ... more »

    BBT During Pregnancy

    Should I continue to take my BBT during pregnancy? ... more »

    Negative Pregnancy Test and Missed No Period

    Missed period and negative pregnancy test - How likely is pregnancy if the pregnancy test is negative? ... more »

    Positive Pregnancy Test After Ovulation

    When does the HPT become positive? ... more »

    Feeling Pregnant With Negative Home Pregnancy Test (HPT)

    I am feeling pregnant but got a negative home pregnancy test result, what should I do next? ... more »

    Two Different Test Results

    What should I do if I get two different pregnancy test results? ... more »

    Evaporation Line on Pregnancy Test

    The evaporation line may appear after some time and falesly indicate a pregnancy. ... more »

    Sore Breasts After Ovulation - Why?

    Why are my breasts be sore and tingling after ovulation? ... more »

    Spotting With Positive HPT

    Some bleeding early in pregnancy, maybe some drops or brown discharge, is also called 'spotting.' Spotting happens in 20-30% of pregnant women, usually around the time of the missed period. ... more »

    Two Pregnancy Tests - Different Results

    I took two different pregnancy tests and got two different results. What happened? ... more »

    Positive HPT - Menstrual Period

    My HPT was positive but my period came ... more »

    Darker Line More hCG

    Does it mean the hCG is increasing? ... more »