The point when boys turn into men is signified by the “wet dream” or nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emissions occur when spontaneous orgasms happen during sleep. While the “wet dream” phenomenon has been touted as a male-specific trait, there are women out there who venture to disagree with that stereotype. Female spontaneous orgasms can occur during sleep, but the cause of these orgasms is a mystery. 

Changes in REM

SleepSome experts believe blood flow increases to genital organs during REM sleep. The peak and fall of blood flow mirrors body reaction during an orgasm, so the two feel the same. Some women sleep through the night orgasms and other women are awakened with intense warmth and sensation. 

Nothing Holding You Back

Another theory about female orgasms during sleep revolves around the conscious and unconscious mind. During sleep women are less likely to honor conscious inhibitions – basically, they let go of the control they keep over sexuality during waking hours so the body reacts to stimuli that would normally cause no sexual reaction. In addition to a broader range of sexually exciting images, the mind also lets go of all control over the orgasm so women tend to climax more quickly in sleep than they would when awake. Together, loss of inhibition and an open mind make for the perfect sleeping orgasm. 

Am I Alone?

Believe it or not, it is estimated that around 40% of women experience orgasms while sleeping. Some women have weekly orgasms and some every month or so. There is a good chance this number is underreported because the orgasms may occur without the conscious knowledge of the woman. 

Having an orgasm while sleeping does not mean you are having sexual problems or suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction. The orgasms do not represent a lack of intimacy in your relationship or some need for outside stimulation. Women have orgasms in their sleep because physical and mental changes line up to create an orgasmic reaction. 

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