Sleep During Pregnancy

You should sleep in the position that's most comfortable for you during pregnancy, though the left side appears safer than the back or right side.   ... read more »

The Ugly Truth on Lack of Sleep

Sure you are young now ... but you want to stay looking and feeling that way as the years go on. Not getting enough shuteye on a regular basis does a whole lot more than make you look bad; the beauty changes that take place are rooted in how well your body is working. ... read more »

Not in the Mood? Sleep On It!

A new study indicates someone not in the mood should sleep on it for an extra hour tonight to improve libido tomorrow. ... read more »

Menopause and Sleep

As you enter menopause, you may find sleep very dfficult. ... read more »

Overcoming Sleep Deprivation

It's a simple biological fact: babies simply cannot sleep through the night. Sleep deprivation is like spending money from a bank account that has no funds. Eventually, mom and dad will have to pay back the loan or face very real health-related consequences. ... read more »

Co-Bedding Safety Issues

Parents tend to choose co-bedding as a solution to late night crying and sleep deprivation. While co-bedding may help solve these problems, some experts report that the baby is at a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome and accidental death when sleeping beside a parent. ... read more »

Top 5 Ways to Combat Stress During Pregnancy

Research authors and experts are consistently writing informed articles and publishing medical journal entries on the overall effects of stress on the body. Stress offers no positive effects on overall health for any person, let alone a pregnant woman. ... read more »

How to Gear Up For a Newborn Baby

By having the right gear for your new baby, caring for him/her can be a simple matter of simply providing for his/her needs. If you do not have the right gear, it can be a frustrating battle to attempt to get the gear while handling a screaming baby. ... read more »

Ambien - Is it safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Category C is given to medicines that have not been studied in pregnant humans but that do appear to cause harm to the fetus in animal studies. ... read more »

Practical Parenting Tips for Screen-time

I was recently in a restaurant and looked over at a sweet family having dinner with their toddler. I thought to myself “my kids were never that angelic when we ate out”: they would be squawking, throwing food and trying to wriggle out of the restraints like mini-Houdinis. Then I noticed the toddler was watching a cartoon on a cell phone. ... read more »

Preventing Infant Death: New Guidelines

There is no more endearing a sight than a peacefully sleeping baby! But many parents worry about their baby's health and in particular the worst case scenario: infant death. New comprehensive guidelines from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) give parents advice on reduce the risk. ... read more »

Baby's Sleep

How to make it easier for your baby to sleep. ... read more »


During pregnancy, women tend to experience nasal congestion and stuffiness that can increase the chances of snoring and sleep apnea. Weight gain, especially excess weight gain, can also attribute to an increase in snoring. ... read more »

Australian Researchers Study Co-Sleeping for the First Time

Co-bedding or co-sleeping is the practice of a mother sleeping with an infant from birth to 24 months. There is a connection between co-bedding and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), but this connection does not deter some mothers from sharing a bed with an infant.  ... read more »

The Sleep / Testosterone Connection

Testosterone levels are highest, in both men and woman, at night duringREM sleep. So what happens if a men (or woman) has trouble sleeping anddoesn't spend enough time in REM? ... read more »

Daytime Naps Maybe Not So Beneficial After Age 2

A new study provides sound scientific evidence that once a child reaches age 2, naps can be more trouble than they’re worth. ... read more »

Enjoy Sweet Dreams When Kids Use Bedtime Pass

A recent study from the Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health finds bedtime arguments can be eliminated by something as simple as a bedtime pass. It only works if parents follow the rules, too. ... read more »

How to Create a Sleep-Conducive Environment for Your Baby

You have read about all of the things you can do to make your baby sleep better (less night feedings, bedtime routines, noise machine, etc.), but what about your nursery? Is it conducive to the kind of sleep your baby needs? ... read more »

Fertility May be Linked to Circadian Rhythm

According to a new research study, circadian rhythm may have a lot to do with menstrual and fertility cycles. ... read more »

Ambien During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

All about Ambien during pregnancy, breastfeeding and trying to conceive (TTC). Is it safe? ... read more »

Sleep Disorders May be Affecting Fetal Health

Sleep has proven health benefits and according to researchers at the University of Sydney could be beneficial for women with preeclampsia. The condition requires immediate medical attention and often leads to premature delivery and low birth weight. ... read more »

Move More During Pregnancy for a Healthier Brain

Exercise during pregnancy is a healthy option for most pregnant women to improve sleep and maintain a healthy body. Today, doctors haveanother reason to suggest an exercise program during pregnancy ' reduced risk of neurological disorders in offspring. ... read more »

Preventing SIDS: What Latest Research Shows

While the condition is still not well understood, much research has been conducted in recent years in an effort to understand the causes and possible prevention of this heartbreaking illness. Below is a discussion of some of the latest findings. ... read more »

Healthy Diet Regulates Body’s Sleep and Wake Cycle

The interesting findings of a recent study suggest that everyone - pregnant or not - may enjoy better quality sleep if we pay close attention to counting calories rather than counting sheep. ... read more »

Treatment and Tips to Relieve Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy

Many women experience sleep disturbances during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are several ways to make nighttime more relaxing and sleep-filled for women throughout every stage of pregnancy. ... read more »

Melatonin Not Safe for Children’s Sleep Problems

An Australian physiologist who’s studied melatonin for 40 years, however, has recently issued a call for caution, especially when it’s given for children’s sleep problems. ... read more »

How Sleep Affects Maternal Blood Pressure

Researchers have linked sleeping patterns to increase blood pressure late in pregnancy. ... read more »

A Better Night’s Rest Could Improve Pregnancy Rates After IVF

Women who take melatonin may see an increased chance of pregnancy after IVF treatments. ... read more »

Sleeping Position On Your Back During Pregnancy?

It's a bad idea to force yourself to sleep in a certain position during pregnancy. You should sleep in the position that's most comfortable for you. ... read more »

Sleeping on Your Back During Pregnancy

Myth: They say you must always sleep during pregnancy on your side because it's healthier for the baby. Fact: Both true and not true! ... read more »

Sharing a Bed With Newborn and SIDS Risk

It’s understandable that new parents are enraptured by their infants and want to be near them, but research indicates that parents who share a bed with their newborn may actually be putting them at risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). ... read more »

How to Have a Successful Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The obstetrician or family planning expert can help the mother-to-be, plan out the most effective lifestyle changes to optimize the health of mom and baby during gestation. ... read more »

Pregnancy and Maternity Pillows For A Better Night's Sleep

Pregnant women often find it difficult to get good sleep because they can't get a comfortable position, and sometimes it’s for no reason at all. One way to sleep more comfortably? Invest in a good pregnancy pillow. ... read more »

3 Essential Steps for Daily Self Care

Self care after birth begins with taking personal responsibility and becoming proactive. Start saying to yourself “I deserve to be happy and healthy”, “I will make time for myself today” or “I need to be healthy for my child” . ... read more »

Can a Woman Have an Orgasm in Her Sleep?

The point when boys turn into men is signified by the “wet dream” or nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emissions occur when spontaneous orgasms happen during sleep. While the “wet dream” phenomenon has been touted as a male-specific trait ... read more »

What Does it Mean to Sleep Like a Baby?

Sleeping like a baby means, to the non-parent, that you’ll fall asleep before your head hits the pillow, but is that really how baby’s sleep. In my experience, my baby never slept more than a few hours at a time. ... read more »

How to Combat Sleep Deprivation in the First Six Months

 It is safe to say that nearly 100% of parents suffer from infant-induced sleep deprivation at some point in the first six months, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend every day in a state of exhaustion. ... read more »

Should Your Twins Co-Sleep?

Multiple sources claimed that allowing newborn twins to sleep together in the same crib or bassinet would help their sleep schedules align, and it would also help them sleep through the night successfully. ... read more »

Tips for Altering Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle

When you finally bring baby home and fall into a routine, you might notice that his or her cycle seems a bit off. In the womb, babies usually sleep during the day while their mothers are active and wake up at night when their mothers are sleeping. ... read more »

Is Your Baby Getting Enough Sleep?

For some new moms, the phrase “sleeping like a baby” will suddenly seem like a cruel joke. Many babies seem to resist sleep and wake up at every opportunity they get. ... read more »

Does Breastfeeding Make for Sleepless Nights?

Before a friend of mine recently had her first baby, she spent months deciding whether or not she would breastfeed. It is a major decision, and with the advances in baby formula, there are perfectly healthy ways around it for women who choose not to do it. ... read more »

The Risks of Co-Sleeping

Like most bad habits, co-sleeping with your baby is easy to start but very hard to stop. When you feel excited about finally having your little one home with you after nine long months of waiting, the time apart at night will be difficult. ... read more »

To Co-Sleep or Not to Co-Sleep?

Is co-sleeping a good idea, or is it as dangerous as the older mothers wanted her to think? ... read more »

Study Reveals that Infants Are Able to Learn During Sleep

You’ve probably heard of people learning different languages in their sleep by listening to an mp3 of recorded phrases and words, but did you know that babies can also learn while they are asleep? ... read more »

Why Your Baby’s Sleep Cycles Will Work Against You

The first six months of your baby’s life might be the hardest of your life. You’ll worry about the amount of money your spending, about the decreased alone time you have with your spouse, and your utter exhaustion at the end of every day that keeps you from doing the things you really love. ... read more »

You’ll Need a Do Not Disturb Sign

I’ve heard of pregnant women telling people to hold off for an entire month before coming in troops to check out the little one. As it turns out, turning people away might be an excellent idea. ... read more »

What to Listen for on that Baby Monitor

In high school, a close friend of mine had reconstructive surgery on her nose. The surgery was done because since birth, she had a crooked nasal passage that made breathing more difficult. ... read more »