Research has revealed a clear link between pollution and the possibility of increased pregnancy complications. However, a new study published in the FASEB Journal is the first I’ve read that connects a particular common pollutant to a specific outcome. According to the research, infants exposed to diesel fuel pollution in utero may be more likely to suffer from obesity later in life no matter the diet they choose to follow. 


Obesity and Growing Up in America
The United States of America is clearly the nation that’s growing together. Obesity rates are higher in the US than any other country in the world and it doesn’t look like the numbers are going to fall any time soon. Many Americans live in constant pain due to the extra weight, but no matter how hard they try they are unable to lose the weight. Researchers have been on the hunt for a number of years, hoping to find a connection between life in utero and life outside the womb. Now it seems there may be direct connection between diesel fuel air pollution and obesity and that connection may make it difficult to lose weight even if you adopt a healthy diet. 

Moving Past the Animal Stage
While this study is still in the animal stages with mice being the current guinea pigs, so to speak, there is bound to be further research into the impact of diesel fuel exposure and human offspring obesity in the near future. The preliminary results were quite impressive as the diet of adult mice did not have an impact on obesity if the rats were exposed to diesel-dirty air. 

We all know one of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic is the sharp turn toward fast food and processed meals, but some American are attempting to fight the fit fight and getting nowhere in the process. If science can find a reason why some people simply cannot lose weight it could lead to a cure for obesity.