Pregnancy Complications A to Z

High Risk Pregnancy Conditions & Complications

Information and Resources from BabyMed about potential high risk pregnancy complications that may be diagnosed during your pregnancy such as bleeding, hypertension, and premature delivery. ... more »

Minimize Exposure to 12 Hormone-Disrupting Household Chemicals

Some chemicals commonly used in the home, workplace, and just about everywhere else are known as endocrine disrupters because once ingested, they mimic the activity of the body's natural hormones. ... more »
Breasfeeding baby

Pregnant Breastfeeding: Is Breastfeeding During Pregnancy Safe?

Breastfeeding is considered healthiest option for baby and can be continued for more than one year. Back to back pregnancies can mean mom is still breastfeeding one child while pregnant with another. ... more »
En caul baby birth

What Is An 'En Caul' Birth?

For a baby to be "born with the caul" means a child or a baby is born with a portion of the amniotic sac or membrane (the caul) remaining on the head. ... more »
Blood in test tubes in lab

Blood Test Predicts Preeclampsia Risk

A recent study indicates a blood test taken at intervals during pregnancy might be an impressively accurate way of predicting the onset of preeclampsia. ... more »
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Ask an Honest Midwife: Is it OK to have a home birth in a big city?

Although I am now retired from the practice of midwifery, I am here to answer your questions about home birth, birth centers, natural birth, and anything else you ever wanted to ask a "crunchy" midwife. Feel free to send in your questions. ... more »
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"I wish I'd Known": 7 Tips for New Moms

Now having been through it, there are 7 things I wish I’d known before I went into my first birth. ... more »
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My Feelings on Homebirth

I very much believe in a woman’s right to choose where she gives birth. However, to me, it’s just not worth the small risk of a catastrophic complication occurring that could have been managed in the hospital setting but that is deadly at home without an operating room and full medical team. ... more »
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Adequate Weight Gain During Twin Pregnancy Protects Against Preterm Delivery

There is an 8-week window of opportunity during the second trimester to achieve ideal pregnancy weight and reduce the risk of preterm delivery. ... more »