After 40 weeks of pregnancy, there is a deep-seeded need to have something personal between mom and baby that no one else can touch. It’s hard moving from being the only one who has a personal connection with baby to being the once pregnant woman. Now, baby is growing up and you’re left recovering with hormones out of whack and that extra layer of mommy weight that just won’t budge. Breastfeeding is often that personal place where mom is the center of the world. No one else can breastfeed, so in the first few weeks you tend to stick close to baby and keep that part of life private. But, as baby grows, you may want to let dad in on feeding time. Many dads have a difficult time understanding how they can help when mom breastfeeds, but it’s all about having an open state of mind.

Skin to Skin Contact is Best for Everyone
Medical research shows that skin to skin contact between parents and baby creates a closer, more personal bond. That doesn’t just go for mom. If mom takes a seat on the floor and dad positions himself behind mom, he can wrap his arms around her and hold on to baby during breastfeeding. If you feel comfortable enough, skin to skin contact between mom, dad and baby are a fantastic way to bond. 

Another great position has mom and dad facing each other. Dad sits on the floor with legs spread wide like he is about to stretch. Mom sits cross-legged between dads legs holding baby to breastfeed. Dad closes his legs around mom. Dad can wrap his arms around mom to pull her a bit closer or just sit there and watch the beauty of breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding baby is a mom’s treasure, but dad does not have to miss out on all the love. Bringing dad into the breastfeeding picture is a bonding experience all parents should have.  

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