The million-dollar-question many pregnant women want answered is about the truth behind labor pain. Labor pain, like all other forms of pain, cannot be described in a way that pertains to all pregnant women. Some women experience moderate amounts of pain during labor and some women experience extreme pain. The pain level is measured solely by the pain threshold of the pregnant woman. 

My Labor ExperiencePain
I managed to give birth to four children via three pregnancies and never pushed once. Various medical issues and emergencies during pregnancy left me with three C-sections, but I did manage a few hours of active labor with my final pregnancy before my twins were born. After two previous C-sections prior to labor I was not prepared for the intense pressure associated with contractions. The pain was nothing, but the pressure and cramping of my abdominal muscles cannot be compared to anything I have experienced. With that said, the pain was probably 3 out of 10 with 10 being the worst pain I’ve ever felt. 

That 1 to 10 Scale Is Not the Same for Every Woman
My 10 is likely quite different from your 10. I remember being in the hospital prior to abdominal surgery. The nurse couldn’t hit a vein for my IV to save her soul so a seasoned nurse placed the IV in my bicep. The IV blew the vein and the saline solution started dripping into my bicep muscle. That was my 10. The pain was strong enough I felt dizzy and almost passed out. There’s also a story about my second C-section when my epidural did not numb me completely and I felt the surgery half-way through the birth of my child, but you get the point. The 10 on a pain scale is different for each person, so how much does labor really hurt?

Your labor will be full of pressure, contractions, cramping and an intense feeling of pain (especially during the pushing phase from what I’m told), but that doesn’t mean you will be overpowered by the intensity of the pain. You may even be surprised by how strong you really are.