How to care for your newborn baby

A Reflection on Working in Labor & Delivery

Working in Labor & Delivery can be extremely stressful and oftentimes overwhelming, but there’s a reason why we keep coming back. Watching women turn into mothers and men into fathers will never get old. ... more »
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Let’s Take the Mystery Out of Pregnancy Sex

  Chances are it was sex that got you pregnant so there’s no reason to stop the fun and games now that the deed is done.  Yet sex during pregnancy remains a mysterious subject for many couples.  So mysterious questions are rarely asked, the discussion rarely had.  Let’s start here to take some of the mystery out of pregnancy sex. ... more »

10 Things Nobody Told You About Home Birth

When we don’t feel well, most people would rather be at home, surrounded by people and things familiar and comfortable.  Most women who give birth aren’t actually sick at the time of labor and delivery but they certainly don’t feel exactly well.  It’s understandable they want to be surrounded by the familiar and comfortable.  This desire for comfortable familiarity, coupled perhaps with the des ... more »

10 Things Nobody Told You About Labor and Delivery

Here it is:  your own personal D-Day!  It may not be the due date you marked on your calendar months ago but that date was an educated guess at best.  You’re verrrrrry pregnant, you’re surrounded by a dream team of maternity personnel but it’s the baby calling the shots, especially right now.  Here are 10 things nobody told you about labor and delivery (and you’ll soon be able to add a whole ne ... more »
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When Pain Becomes Suffering

Every one of us knows that labor is no walk in the park. Let’s be real: it’s usually downright painful and despite what some people claim, there’s no such thing as orgasmic birth. However, the pain you experience in labor does not always mean you are suffering. Allow me to explain! ... more »
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I Don't Care About What Others Say I Must Do

I don’t care if you had a natural birth. I don’t care if you had an epidural. I don’t care if you got induced in week 40 or if you went 10 days past your estimated due date. ... more »
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Fetal Monitoring: 10 Things Pregnant Women Should Know

In labor, continuous monitoring increases the risks of many interventions, including pitocin, epidurals, and cesarean birth, without improving birth outcomes for mother or baby. ... more »
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The Magic of the Peanut Ball

Frequent position changes can still be done in moms who have the epidural, including various positions using a peanut ball. ... more »
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What To Expect During a Scheduled C-Section

Though every pregnancy book lays out the process of labor and vaginal delivery in great detail, most only dedicate a few pages on what happens during a c-section. ... more »
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As a doula and future perinatologist, I have seen childbirth from a variety of perspectives. Though my passion for obstetrics has never wavered, my view on it is ever-evolving. ... more »