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    A Reflection on Working in Labor & Delivery

    Working in Labor & Delivery can be extremely stressful and oftentimes overwhelming, but there’s a reason why we keep coming back. Watching women turn into mothers and men into fathers will never get old. ... more »

    Let’s Take the Mystery Out of Pregnancy Sex

      Chances are it was sex that got you pregnant so there’s no reason to stop the fun and games now that the deed is done.  Yet sex during pregnancy remains a mysterious subject for many couples.  So mysterious questions are rarely asked, the discussion rarely had.  Let’s start here to take some of the mystery out of pregnancy sex. ... more »

    10 Things Nobody Told You About Home Birth

    When we don’t feel well, most people would rather be at home, surrounded by people and things familiar and comfortable.  Most women who give birth aren’t actually sick at the time of labor and delivery but they certainly don’t feel exactly well.  It’s understandable they want to be surrounded by the familiar and comfortable.  This desire for comfortable familiarity, coupled perhaps with the des ... more »

    10 Things Nobody Told You About Labor and Delivery

    Here it is:  your own personal D-Day!  It may not be the due date you marked on your calendar months ago but that date was an educated guess at best.  You’re verrrrrry pregnant, you’re surrounded by a dream team of maternity personnel but it’s the baby calling the shots, especially right now.  Here are 10 things nobody told you about labor and delivery (and you’ll soon be able to add a whole ne ... more »

    When Pain Becomes Suffering

    Every one of us knows that labor is no walk in the park. Let’s be real: it’s usually downright painful and despite what some people claim, there’s no such thing as orgasmic birth. However, the pain you experience in labor does not always mean you are suffering. Allow me to explain! ... more »

    I Don't Care About What Others Say I Must Do

    I don’t care if you had a natural birth. I don’t care if you had an epidural. I don’t care if you got induced in week 40 or if you went 10 days past your estimated due date. ... more »

    Fetal Monitoring: 10 Things Pregnant Women Should Know

    In labor, continuous monitoring increases the risks of many interventions, including pitocin, epidurals, and cesarean birth, without improving birth outcomes for mother or baby. ... more »

    The Magic of the Peanut Ball

    Frequent position changes can still be done in moms who have the epidural, including various positions using a peanut ball. ... more »

    What To Expect During a Scheduled C-Section

    Though every pregnancy book lays out the process of labor and vaginal delivery in great detail, most only dedicate a few pages on what happens during a c-section. ... more »


    As a doula and future perinatologist, I have seen childbirth from a variety of perspectives. Though my passion for obstetrics has never wavered, my view on it is ever-evolving. ... more »

    Doulas: They Aren't Just for Labor

    In traditional cultures around the world, new mothers observe a lying in period for weeks after they give birth. During this time they rest and recover from birth, nurse their babies, and eat nutritious foods. ... more »

    Baby’s Brain Injury May Have Occurred Long Before Delivery

    Recent advances in medical science indicate many brain injuries occur during pregnancy, long before labor begins. In these cases, medical personnel are not at fault. ... more »

    Doctors Group OKs Warm Water Soak During Labor, Not Delivery

    A warm water soak in the early stages of labor are likely to prove beneficial to the mother but they find no evidence that giving birth underwater benefits either mother or baby. ... more »

    Pregnancy “Love” Hormones Ease Chronic Pain in Non-Pregnant Patients

    During pregnancy, childbirth, and thereafter, many women don't experience pain to the degree expected. Many who use opiates forpain management find they don't need as much of it during this time. ... more »

    NY Mets Daniel Murphy Takes Flack for Paternity Leave

    New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy Daniel Murphy chose to be a family man. ... more »

    Obamacare Short on Birthing Center Coverage

    The law is new and not fully implemented yet; questions and discrepancies remain. One issue of concern to a growing number of American women is the lack of uniformity for birthing center coverage. ... more »

    Miami Aunt’s Freeway Rescue of Infant Nephew Emphasizes Value of Infant CPR

    Sebastian de la Cruz is one lucky little guy. His parents adore him, his aunt recently sprung into heroic action to save his life, and thefive-month-old boy will soon be somebody's big brother. ... more »

    Study: Epidurals Slow Second Stage of Labor, Delay Delivery

    The findings of a recent study on the use of epidurals during labor suggest the need to review current guidelines defining normal progression and potentially dangerous prolonged (abnormal) labor. ... more »

    Setting Makes Home Deliveries More Risky, Not Midwives

    Dr. Grunebaum advises patients invite a midwife into the hospital delivery room so a woman can have both the comfort of a familiar birthing companion and the necessary medical staff and equipment. ... more »

    Grace Amidst the Gridlock: Baby Born in Atlanta’s Snowy Traffic Jam

    Sheffield asked the driver what had become the usual question: 'Youstuck or broke down?' This time, he got a highly unusual response:'Nope. We're having a baby.' ... more »

    8 “Most Interesting Things” We Learned About Making Babies in 2013

    On the agenda was the science of preconception, conception, pregnancy,and childbirth. From that agenda, these 8 'most interesting things' were identified about making babies in 2013. ... more »

    Labor Fears Linked to Postpartum Depression

    An estimated 50 to 80 percent of all women who give birth experience some degree of postpartum depression in the first year after delivery. ... more »

    Laugh Your Way Through Labor, It’s a Real Gas!

    Christina Szalinski found a way to confront the inevitable labor painswith a smile on her face, even when the contractions were at theirstrongest. Her secret? It's a gas. ... more »

    Fear Leads to Longer Labor...Or Does it Just Seem That Way?

    Try as they might, no one can ever fully prepare a woman for the experience of labor and childbirth. ... more »

    Study Finds Rural India Maternal Health Program is Ineffective

    A high profile maternal health program in India fails to deliver on its promises to reduce infant and maternal deaths in rural areas, according to new study. The program had intended to reduce mortality by encouraging women to deliver in private hospitals. ... more »

    Study: Happiest Mothers Have Vaginal Birth, No Epidural, Company, and Early Breastfeeding

    A recent study conducted by scientists in Spain has identified four factors associated with childbirth that seem to make new mothers happiest. ... more »

    Thalasso Method: Childbirth So Gentle Babies Seem to Sleep Right Through It

    A maternity nurse in Paris, France, has published a video online that is capturing the hearts of just about everyone who sees it. The video shows twins just moments after birth being gently and lovingly treated to soothing music and a warm bath. ... more »

    Interventions on Labor & Delivery

    Most of the time labor and delivery goes smoothly, but sometimes interventions are necessary to ensure the safety of mother and baby. ... more »

    Computer Programmers Plan First 3D Virtual Birth Simulator

    Computer programmers from the University of East Anglia announced they are working to create the world's first 3D virtual birth simulator. ... more »

    Auto Mechanic’s Dream Vision Eases Delivery Difficulties

    What do you get when you cross an auto mechanic, a YouTube video, and a vision in a dream? In the case of Argentinian mechanic Jorge Odón, you get the Odón Device. ... more »

    First-time Fathers and the Delivery Room

    Euphoria, agony, and everything in between. Back and forth, for hours. Those are the emotional memories of ten fathers participating in a Swedish study of first-time fathers in the delivery room. ... more »

    The Doula: Latest Trend in NYC Delivery Rooms

    Massage. Acupuncture. Nutrition counseling. Encouragement.Education. Exotic services. Sound like a new-age health spa? No. It's delivery room. All these things come by way of a doula. ... more »

    Maternal Positions and Mobility During First Stage of Labor

    In many traditional hospital settings women spend the first stage of labor resting in bed. Researchers from The Townsville Hospital and Health Center in Queensland, Australia decided to look more closely at the impact of changing position during the first stage of labor, including moving out of the bed all together. ... more »

    Hilaria Baldwin Says Exercise Every Day for Easy Pregnancy, Delivery

    Hilaria Baldwin may be best known as actor Alec Baldwin's wife but shemade quite a name for herself even before Mr. Baldwin came into herlife. She's an accomplished yoga teacher and expert on fitness with anavid following at New York City's Yoga Vida. ... more »

    Food Restrictions May Not be Necessary During Childbirth

    When labor begins, food restrictions are typically enforced to protect the mother from possible pregnancy complications and/or side effects if a C-section delivery is needed. ... more »

    Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)

    Cephalopelvic Disproportion is a rare condition where the baby's head or body is too large to fit through the mother's pelvis. ... more »

    Why the Restriction of Food and Drink During Labor May Be Medically Unfounded

    I was rather surprised to find that my friend wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat or drink during labor. I thought that there must be some medical reason for this, but it turns out that there may in fact not be any reason at all. ... more »

    Common Postpartum Problems: Episiotomy Issues

    If you received a small incision in your perineum while giving birth, this procedure is called an episiotomy. It is sometimes necessary in order to make more room for your baby during delivery. ... more »

    What Happens in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy with Doctor's Appointments and Tests?

    If you're in your third trimester (weeks 28 through 40 weeks) you're in the home stretch. Doctor visits with your OB-Gyn are comingup more frequently. Depending on how your pregnancy is progressing sofar, you will either have them monthly or weekly. ... more »

    Efficacy of Routine Vaginal Examinations to Improve Labor Outcome

    During labor, vaginal examinations are commonly used to predict progression of labor and labor outcome, but researchers from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom suggest medical literature and outcomes do not support the practice. ... more »

    Efficacy of One-on-one Childbirth Care

    In recent years, one-on-one childbirth care has moved from being the normal to being a rare occurrence. Laboring women are often left for lengths of time with no female support system. ... more »

    Labor Induction May Not Increase C-Section Risk

    Research on the risk of C-section delivery when labor is induced is conflicting. A new study published in BJOG offers a systemic review of previous studies in an attempt to find a consensus on the topic. ... more »

    Childbirth: Acupressure for Pain Relief During Labor

    If you're looking for alternative ways to handle pain management during labor, you may want to consider acupressure. This is similar to acupuncture in the way that it works, but there are no needles. ... more »

    Childbirth: Breathing Exercises for Pain Relief in Labor

    Practicing breathing exercises is one of the best ways to be prepared for childbirth. It can help reduce fear and stress, and can allow the labor and delivery to go more smoothly. ... more »

    Laborists and Patient Satisfaction in Large, Urban Hospitals

    Many hospitals are moving toward a laborist setting, according to recent research from authors at the University of Pennsylvania. A new study published in the journal Patient Preference and Adherence, examines this trend. ... more »

    Uterine Closure Techniques After C-Section Delivery

    Researchers at the University of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Universite Laval in Quebec recently polled more than 450 obstetricians on the type of uterine closure they favor after C-section delivery. ... more »

    Childbirth: Visualization Methods for Pain Relief

    Using visualization methods as a tool for pain management during labor and delivery can be highly beneficial. Because labor is a very intense process, it's important that you get through it with as little stress and anxiety as possible. ... more »

    Childbirth: Massage for Labor and Delivery

    Getting a body massage can feel wonderful. Whether you have a full body rubdown or the masseuse focuses on just a few areas of tension, you can leave feeling great. Massage is relaxing and can remove pain and tension from areas like your shoulders and back. ... more »

    Childbirth: Reflexology for Labor and Delivery

    More women are turning to reflexology as part of their plans for a good experience with labor and delivery. It can be used throughout a pregnancy, and can also be used in the delivery room as labor progresses. ... more »

    Childbirth: Aromatherapy for Pain Management

    One of the alternative techniques you can use for the management of pain during labor is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be a great way to reduce the amount of stress you're experiencing. ... more »