Kids Stress Pregnancy

The average family has two to three children. That means at least once in your life you are likely to be pregnant with one or more children in the home. Raising children is one of the most empowering, stressful life events. Stress can lead to pregnancy complications, depression and anxiety, so how does a mother who’s expecting another child deal with the stresses of parenting while leading a healthy pregnancy?

Take stresses one at a time

Stress is something the body is prepared to handle, but in a society based on multi-tasking, dealing with multiple stresses at one time can lead to a negative impact on health. This is especially important to avoid during pregnancy. Even when you are facing multiple stresses, only allow one on your plate at any given time. Physically sit down, take deep breaths and address that single stressor. When a solution is found, move on to the next stressor, but only after giving yourself some time to recuperate.

Carve out time out for yourself

If life, in general, is causing stress – constant running to and from school events, dealing with family financial issues and possibly dealing with stress at work – you need to take time for yourself. You can find hundreds, maybe thousands, of forum posts and articles about how to go out and take back your life to reduce stress, but not all expecting mothers have the free time or money to schedule spa appointments or take a weekend away. Money does not need to be the object of your stress relief. Venture to the local library and spend an hour or two just reading in the quiet. Take a nap in the middle of the day when older kids are at school or ask a family member to watch the kids for the weekend while you stay at home and just relax. 

Stress is part of parenting, but it should not be allowed to control your life. Reducing stress reduces the negative impact stress has on your pregnancy, so get out there and take control of your stressors, take time for yourself and reduce the stress in your life and pregnancy.  

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