Have you ever noticed that you don’t see the new Toyota Prius in your neighborhood until you decide to take the plunge and buy one? Maybe it’s not a car – it could be a health condition that suddenly everyone has had when you are diagnosed or a parenting problem that everyone else has dealt with successfully when you are floundering. The worst of all is the new mother who has the answers to all your pregnancy questions. For pregnant women on the second or third pregnancy, brushing off these know-it-alls is easy – change the subject and forget the advice. For first time mothers that advice may sound like the answer to her prayers, but when should you listen and when should you turn the other ear?

The Good, the Bad and the Forget About It
The good advice is advice that makes you feel comfortable. If you’re wondering about why your feet swell and how to reduce the swelling, a new mother might offer some great advice like prop up your feet often and try not to walk to stand for long periods. 

The bad advice is advice that sounds like it is a crock of bunk, but there may be a good tip hidden in there somewhere. For instance, if a new mother tells you she drank a gallon of coffee a day and her baby turned out great – she is just being silly, but she hits on a good point. Coffee is safe in moderation during pregnancy and there are no connections between pregnancy complications and drinking a cup of Joe each day. 

The forget about it advice is something that causes a huge red flag. I once was told to drink a large glass of wine every night to fall asleep in the latter stages of my pregnancy when I would stay away most of the night. I KNEW that advice was horrible, so I turned the other ear and left it there. 

Pregnancy advice will come from everywhere – mom, grandmom, sister, brother, dad and even granddad will have something to say – you have to choose what advice to take and what advice to shake off. 

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