You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but if you've discussed it with your partner and you both agree that mother-in-law will not be allowed in the delivery room, you may want to think up a few ways to tell her that won't hurt her feelings.

  • Hospital Regulations: Let her know that the hospital will only allow two people in the delivery room at one time and list the two people you've chosen to allow in the room.
  • Have Hubby Break the News: Simply put, it's his mother so he gets the luxury of telling her she's not going to be in the delivery room. You've done all the work so far.
  • Be Blunt Together As a Couple: Sit down to a nice dinner and tell her honestly that you'd rather her not be in the delivery room.
  • Reconsider - Timing Specific: Even if you don't want your mother-in-law in the delivery room when you're pushing you may want to give her time in the room during another part of labor.
  • Don't Make it Known When Labor Starts: No one wants a horrible birthing experience, but no one wants to have a mother-in-law with her face in the doctor's way either. Some family members are just too pushy to understand that no means no. If that's your case, just don't tell her when labor begins.

No matter how you choose to break the news, remember that the most important thing is that YOU are comfortable on delivery day!

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