While you’re chasing your twins all over the house, keep in the back of your mind that you’ll be living longer than those singlet moms living the easy life with just one toddler in the house. According to a study on women who lived in the Pioneer lands of the United States in the 1800s, twins are not an accident. They are quite possibly a means of passing on healthy genes to multiple infants at once to ensure the health of the population. That means YOU could be one of the healthiest women on earth!


Having Twins Doesn’t Always Feel Healthy

With two babies on board things can get a little tiring with twins. You have double the late night feedings, which changes to double the trouble when the toddler years arrive. But despite the constant fatigue that comes with having twins, there is also double the joy and laughter. Now you have one more reason to enjoy your twins every day – living longer. 

You Still Need to Take Care of Your Body

Just because you’ll naturally live longer, based on the study covered on MSN Health in 2011, mothers of twins cannot let down their guard. They must eat right, drink lots of water and sleep whenever possible. Lack of sleep and a healthy diet can cause increased stress and stress is known to reduce lifespan – which counteracts the increased lifespan. 

IVF Twins Don’t Count

The study focused on naturally conceived twins in the 1800s, not twins or other sets of multiples conceived as a result of IVF procedures or other forms of fertility treatment. The natural conception of twins is the key indicator of maternal strength and increased lifespan, for the sake of the study. But, as a mother of twins, I know it takes great strength to raise twins not matter how they were conceived. 

Source: LiveScience @ MSN Health. Stephanie Pappas. May 10, 2011. 

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