IVF Birth Defect Myth Debunked in Twin Studies

A general perception exists that places the risk for birth defects higher in babies conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other forms of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) than for babies conceived naturally.  Two studies on twins and birth defects, recently published by various members of the same research team, have effectively debunked that myth.  The studies revealed w ... more »
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Can I eat certain foods or have sex in certain ways to increase my chances having twins?

Question: I have a perfect 6 month old daughter and we will start ttc next month. I will be 37 in August and would LOVE to have twins. I have been eating diet to increase chances for twins (as well as male) My questions are: ... more »
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Here’s Why Belly Fat is More Dangerous than Fat Elsewhere

For most people, fat is fat.  Many of us have more of it on our body than we want but it is sometimes difficult to get rid of.  Too much fat increases the risk for insulin resistance, diabetes, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer but not all fat is the same.  Doctors know that belly fat is more dangerous than fat elsewhere but why that’s so is unclear.  A recent stud ... more »
Pregnancy test

New Pregnancy Test Detects Twins, Downs, Preeclampsia, Miscarriage, More

A team of scientists in the UK are working on a pregnancy test that may revolutionize the way maternal and fetal health are monitored during pregnancy. ... more »
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Twins: Does the Due Date Change?

Q: I am carrying twins. Should I adjust my due date based on having twins? Without having to adjust LMP? Is the due date with twins 38 weeks instead of 40 weeks?  Would like to be able to use countdown feature based on 38 week due date and not have it change gestational age. ... more »
Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO

Maternity Leave, Education, and Marissa Mayer's Twins

During the last stages of her pregnancy, Mayer did what a lot of Yahoo’s expectant and new mothers did; she worked from home. When baby Macallister was just a couple weeks old, Mayer returned to work. ... more »
My bun her oven

My Bun, Her Oven: Twin Becomes Surrogate for Cancer-Survivor Sister

Identical twin sisters Dawn Ardolino Policastro and Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker of Mineola, Long Island in New York, share a bond so deep it carries forward into the next generation. ... more »