When women are pregnant, they most often complain about frequent urination during pregnancy. Going to the bathroom over and over again can be time consuming and frustrating, but remains a common symptom of pregnancy.

During the earliest months of pregnancy, the female body increases the amount of blood by up to 40%. This increase in blood is, essentially, an increase in fluid. The kidneys will process more fluid than before pregnancy and this results in having to use the restroom more often with frequent urination during pregnancy.

Frequent Urination at Night

The day hours are not the only time when pregnant women will see an increase in trips to the bathroom. At night when the female elevates the legs in a sleeping position, the fluid retained in the legs is processed by the kidneys and expelled. Reducing the number of bathroom trips at night can be as simple as propping the legs up during the day to alleviate some of the fluid retention.

Avoiding Diuretic Drinks

Urination during pregnancy does not have to be a major obstacle. There are three drinks that will increase the number of times the pregnant female goes to the bathroom - coffee, tea and caffeinated soda. There are studies that link drinking caffeine during pregnancy to side effects on the fetus later in life. For this reason, caffeine should be consumed only in moderation anyway, but women who are forced to get up multiple times at night with frequent urination may find they need to eliminate these drinks all together.

Decreasing the Drips

As if the frequent urination during pregnancy wasn't enough, the pregnant woman needs to deal with the weight of the uterus on the bladder. Many pregnant women find that they drip a bit of urine when they laugh, sneeze, cough or lift. The best defense against these pregnancy drips are Kegel Exercises. These exercises focus on the muscles of the urinary tract. Women can exercise their Kegel muscles by starting and stopping their urine flow several times each trip to the bathroom.

When is Frequent Urination a Problem?

Frequent urination during pregnancy is not normally the sign of a problem. If there is a burning sensation when urinating or blood in the urine, the obstetrician needs to be notified immediately. These could be a sign of some other condition causing the frequent urination. If the obstetrician in unavailable, these symptoms are significant enough to warrant an Emergency Room visit.

Any Relief in Sight?

Yes, there is relief from frequent urination during pregnancy in sight, but it does not appear until baby is born. The blood volume of the body will return to pre-baby levels within a short time and mom can expect this change to decrease the number of trips to the bathroom. Soon after birth, mom may see a slight increase in urination patterns, however, in order to eliminate the extra fluid held by the body during the pregnancy.

Pregnant women all over the world experience frequent urination during pregnancy. This common symptom of pregnancy is just one of the many changes the female body will undergo in order to birth a healthy baby.

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