Alicia Keys is a diva, singer, actress and soon to be mother. Recently spotted on the red carpet with husband Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys did not look like the negative press has gotten to her. When the pregnancy was first announced, social networks heated up with women on both sides of the moral issue. Alicia Keys became pregnant before she married Swizz Beatz and proudly announced the fact that she did not care what others thought of her.

The couple was photographed on the red carpet for a Keep a Child Alive event in New York City. When asked how she was feeling, Keys said great! Her husband was a bit more vocal about the pregnancy and how Keys was feeling. “She’s always glowing!” Swizz Beatz exclaimed. The couple plans on showing their children about giving back to others through the Keep a Child Alive program. Alicia Keys is the co-founder of the organization which raises millions for the betterment of children.