anna-faris.jpgAnna Faris is a star. She’s held parts in Lost in Translation, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and several parody films, but she’s more than a celebrity; she’s a Duggar-lite. In true Duggar fashion, Faris wants a large family, but only about half the size of the Duggar family. Faris wants just eight children, but even she doubts she’ll be able to handle the huge brood.

According to one report, Faris was quoted as saying she has never had that many kids so she doubts she could handle it. Well, if you have no children that’s a given, but she has plenty of time to build her family. At 34 years old, however, Anna needs to start soon if she wants to complete her dream of having a huge family. At one child per year, she would not reach her eight-child goal until 42. Typically, doctors suggest waiting one year between pregnancies, so that adds another eight years leaving Faris at 50 when her 8th child is born.

We doubt Anna Faris and husband Chris Pratt will actually give birth to eight children, but we look forward to seeing her in the baby bump section very soon.