In the near future, Christina Applegate will be spending more time on
the reconstruction of her breast than on the thought of pregnancy being
pregnant and having a baby.

When it comes to surviving breast cancer, Christina Applegate has been there and done that. The star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 soon after she admitted that she wanted to start a family with or without the help of a man in her life. When the cancer was diagnosed, the entire world fell down around Christina Applegate and the thoughts of pregnancy were replaced by thoughts of chemotherapy.

Many people may not know that pregnancy and breast cancer treatment can work hand in hand. There are careful questions that need to be asked of the doctor including questions about medications, chemotherapy, breast removal and diagnostic sessions. Christina Applegate did not become pregnant before her chemotherapy – but that does not mean she cannot have a baby in the future.

Before the chemotherapy – Christina Applegate was all over the news with rumors of putting off the chemotherapy that could save her life in order to start a family. These rumors were totally Hollywood, as not many people who consider a pregnancy when they were facing breast removal and cancer treatment. This even goes for Hollywood stars.

Christina Applegate is famous for more than having breast cancer and surviving breast cancer. She was born in 1971 and started her career as a little girl on Days of Our Lives. She later starred in the classic television shows 21 Jump Street and Married With Children. Back in those days, Christina Applegate was not talking pregnancy, but she was surely famous enough to be hopping from boyfriend to boyfriend.

Her love life was filled with boyfriend Johnathon Schaech in 2001. The marriage lasted 4 years when the groom filed for divorce from Christina Applegate. There were no pregnancies in that relationship. Christina Applegate went on date several other men including Lee Grivas who was found dead after a drug overdose in 2008 just before the announcement that Christina Applegate had breast cancer. She bounced off of the television and onto the big screen with Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead and flew from there.

When it comes to a successful career – Christina Applegate is the epitome of success. She started out at a very young age, grew up in the spotlight and came out on the top of her game. While she has not yet had the pregnancy she wants at the age of 37, there is time left. In the near future, Christina Applegate will be spending more time on the reconstruction of her breast than on the thought of being pregnant and having a baby. But – that is not to say that Christina Applegate will not be back in the spotlight in the near future with a pregnancy on the tip of her tongue and a baby on the way.

Ironically, Christina Applegate has more than shifted her focus from pregnancy with her new movie to be released in 2009. As if the part was created just for her, Christina Applegate is starring in the movie Everything is Going to be Just Fine. The story is about Elizabeth Montgomery who died of colorectal cancer.