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Breast Cancer Recurrence, Metastasis: It’s a Sticky Situation

  There are many forms of breast cancer.  Some occur at an early age but some develop in middle age or beyond.  Some are negatively influenced by hormones but some are positively influenced.  Some return while others don’t.  Some spread (metastasize), some don’t. ... more »
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Is Toxoplasmosis Parasite Driving Road Rage?

What do road rage, cats, litter boxes, pregnancy, Martin Shkreli, breast cancer, and 3 billion people have in common?  They have all been linked in recent months to toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that can pass from cats to humans when people clean out the litter box.  During pregnancy, the infection can cause fetal death and miscarriage. ... more »
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My Bun, Her Oven: Twin Becomes Surrogate for Cancer-Survivor Sister

Identical twin sisters Dawn Ardolino Policastro and Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker of Mineola, Long Island in New York, share a bond so deep it carries forward into the next generation. ... more »
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Ladies, Get Up & Move; Sitting Linked to Bone, Breast, Ovarian Cancer

A new study from the American Cancer Society revealed an increased risk of cancer for women who spend lots of their leisurely moments sitting down. ... more »
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Coffee + Tamoxifen Cuts Breast Cancer Recurrence Rate by Half

A recent study indicates women taking tamoxifen who also drink a small to moderate amount of coffee every day cut their risk of breast cancer recurrence by approximately half. ... more »
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Angelina Jolie Has Ovaries Removed to Avert Hereditary Cancer

Jolie, 39, chose to publicize a preventive double mastectomy she had in 2013. ... more »
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Drug That Puts Ovaries “At Rest” During Chemotherapy Spares Fertility

Approximately 25% of breast cancer patients in the United States are younger than 50. The chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer often causes these young women to experience symptoms of menopause. ... more »
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Menstruation Starts Early in Girls Who Drink Sugary Sweets

New research indicates that what a girl drinks before her first period can hasten the arrival of her first period. It can influence her risk of developing breast cancer later in life, too. ... more »