Many people would recognize Kyra Phillips and John Roberts as CNN News
anchors, but many may not know the couple is expecting twins. It seems on CNN, news anchors share more than news. Kyra Phillips works in the CNN newsroom and her fiancé, John Roberts co-hosts American Morning. The couple was engaged in April, but has yet to tie the knot.

The pregnancy is too new for the couple to have announced any future plans, but there is bound to be at least one change in the CNN newsroom staff. Kyra Phillips will undoubtedly stop anchoring sometime in the future before the twins are born. Twins tend to cause additional weight gain and can be born early due to the stress multiples cause on the uterus. The couple does not appear to be worrying about age as Kyra Phillips is 42 and John Roberts is 53, but having babies later in life is common as of late.