Hayden Panettiere “Totally Pregnant!”

Multi-talented celebrity Hayden Panettiere and her prizefighter fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko, are “totally pregnant!” according to a source close to the couple. No due date has been announced, no baby names are known to be in play, and no word yet from the couple, but the source seems quite confident a baby is on the way.

Panettiere has publicly discussed her desire for motherhood with Glamour magazine and with Ellen DeGeneres, even speculating to Ellen what their children might look like: straight-legged, a happy balance of mom’s knock-knees and daddy’s bow legs, and of “normal height,” another happy balance between a pint-sized mother and a 6’6”-tall father.

The two started dating in 2009 after meeting at a party hosted by a mutual acquaintance. Intercontinental dating proved to be challenging and, after two years, the couple split up but remained in touch. Love triumphed over distance, though, and the romance was rekindled by early 2013. In October 2013, the couple announced their engagement.

Panettiere, 24, is a New York-born actress, model, and singer who started working in TV commercials at 11 months of age. She followed her mother, Lesley R. Vogel, into soap-opera fame as a child and went on to star in TV and movies. Her father, Alan Lee (Skip) Panettiere, is a fire department captain. Panettiere’s only sibling, brother Jansen Panettiere, is also an actor.

Klitschko, 38, was born in a city once part of the Kazakh territory of the Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) that is now Kazakhstan. His father was a major general in the Soviet Air Force and later served as Ukrainian military attaché to Germany. Klitschko, who speaks four languages (Ukrainian, Russian, German, and English) earned a Ph.D. in Sports Science from Kiev University before becoming a heavyweight boxing champion known globally as Dr. Steelhammer. Klitschko’s older brother, Vitali Klitschiko, 42, is also a world-renowned heavyweight boxing champ.

Panettiere and Klitschko are both actively involved in humanitarian causes that include the rights of children and animals. Panettiere once faced arrest by the Japanese government for her protests of the infamous annual dolphin hunt at Taiji, Wakayama, and has worked with Greenpeace calling for an end to commercial whaling in Norway.

Klitschko and his brother founded charities benefiting children in South America and Africa, for which they’ve won numerous awards and honors, including the invitation to work with UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The happy couple is postponing marriage plans at the moment due to the unrest in Ukraine. Both were speakers at the Euromaidan protests in Kiev during December 2013, in support of Klitschko’s brother, a leader of the movement who was elected mayor of Kiev on May 25, 2014.

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