American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson walked off the stage and into the limelight. The singer offered more than just inspired vocals, she could also act. Soon after her appearance in the movie Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson was honored with an Oscar for her performance in the supporting role. Now, Hollywood takes over and the world speeds by, but one thing Jennifer Hudson managed to find time for was a son.

The father of the baby boy is David Otunga. David is a Harvard graduate who is working as a professional wrestler who was first seen on the television reality series I Love New York 2. The series chronicled Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s attempt to find the perfect man. David Otunga, known as “Punk” on the show, made it to the third spot before being eliminated.

Moving back to Jennifer Hudson, despite the engagement of Hudson and Otunga, nothing has come out of the relationship – aside from a beautiful baby boy. Jennifer Hudson lost a ton of weight and seemed to slide out of the limelight soon after giving birth to her son. Is she staying at home? Are there more babies in the future? Why is the couple not getting married? So many celebrity baby questions.