jessica-simpson.jpgThough Jessica Simpson remains mum about her growing belly, sources now say the star is holding out for a $500,000 deal before she breaks the news that she is expecting. While rumors about Simpson’s baggy clothing and weight gain have been running wild, it is now clear to even the untrained eye that this is more than just a case of overeating. Doctors are estimating that Jessica is already about 26 weeks pregnant.     

In November 2010, Jessica and boyfriend Eric Johnson, free agent NFL player, announced to the world that they were engaged. The couple had been dating since May of that year after being introduced by mutual friends. News of the engagement came only shortly after Jessica’s ex-husband, Nick Lachey, announced his engagement to marry long-time girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. Though Lachey and Simpson rose to stardom together, as singers and then Newlyweds, the exes expressed their mutual happiness for one other following the news. Nick and Vanessa were married in July, while Jessica and Eric are said to be marrying in November 2011.

After announcing her engagement, Simpson quickly enlisted the help of trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson, famous for transforming Gwyneth Paltrow’s slim figure into a sculpted Iron Man bod. So when photos began to appear of Jessica hiding her body and gaining inches in her abdomen, it was almost immediately clear that something was going on.

In the past weeks, Simpson has traded in the baggy clothing for high heels and belly-flaunting tops. Though the word is still out on a pregnancy confirmation, the world is telling Jessica that, “the jig is up!”

We look forward to hearing the news from the happy couple!