For Madonna, being 50 and pregnant may be pushing the limits of the body just a bit.

In the world of Hollywood, having a baby later in life is second nature. But, for Madonna, being 50 and pregnant may be pushing the limits of the body just a bit.  In the heat of a divorce from long time husband, Guy Ritchie, the pop star is not happy to have a pregnancy announced by someone so very close to her, DAD! That's right,  Madonna's father is the one that let the cat out of the bag regarding the Madonna pregnancy at 50 years of age. The father, 70, interviewed for a magazine telling them how excited he was hearing of the pregnancy.

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, despite the fact that Madonna is 50 and may be pregnant, there are a few sticks to sort out along the way. First, Madonna is denying the fact that she is pregnant. When you are in the middle of a major divorce with money in the tens of millions being sorted through for a settlement, a pregnancy announcement is not the best idea. There is also the rumored affair between Alex Rodriguez, a baseball star 17 years her junior, and the pop diva. Despite the fact that Madonna says they are only friends, there is little doubt that a new pregnancy would be at the hand of A Rod. Then there is the age factor and how the 50 year old body reacts to a pregnancy. All of this adds up to mega tornado of information and rumors.

What Do We Know?

For certain, we know that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing after having two children together. We also know, for fact, that Madonna's people are talking with Guy Ritchie’s people about money and a divorce settlement. We know that Alex Rodriguez is a very dear friend to Madonna. Other than that, the remaining stories are nothing but rumors.

Some people  have noted that Madonna's father would have nothing to gain by announcing the pregnancy and that being oblivious to the scandal this announcement could cause, was genuinely happy to hear of the new baby. But, there are also thoughts that maybe Madonna was talking about adopting another child and dad misconstrued this information as a new Madonna pregnancy announcement.

There is little the rumor mill can do but  wait and snap photo after photo of the star's midsection. Madonna, however, is not taking the news sitting down. One rag mag has touted the pregnancy announcement as being a reality thanks to the baggy clothing Madonna is wearing and the dyed brown hair. But, the star is not happy about this and so she is suing the magazine.

Madonna may be pregnant and she may not be pregnant. The tummy and time are the only two things that will tell the truth. In the mean time, Madonna will continue to make hits and be a great mother to her children. But, you can be certain, that every now and then there will be another rumor started about her pregnancy with Alex Rodriguez' baby because those are the announcements that keep the fans happy.