Mariah Carey has supposedly talked with her personal trainer about reducing the strenuous nature of her workouts in order to prepare for pregnancy.The pop music star Mariah Carey hit the world by storm as a young woman belting out "Vision of Love". The new star was surrounding with fame and fortune in no time flat and the world around her took hold over the real world. There were battles with drugs and alcohol, but in the end, the star sought out treatment and ended up back on top as Mimi and not Mariah Carey. When the tabloids were sure Mariah Carey could not surprise them any further, she married another pop star (of sorts) in a rushed marriage and the pregnancy rumors were born.

Mariah Carey was born in 1969, making her 40 years old this year. She is of multiracial background and multitalented stardom. She sings, acts and makes men swoon all at the same time. So, when Mariah Carey announced her marriage to Nick Cannon, 29, the world took notice. The young couple seem to be happy, but there are changes in the world of Mariah Carey that may mean she is pregnant, or at least trying to become pregnant in the near future.

What Rumors?

If you find yourself on another planet, the pregnancy rumors may not have reached your ears as of late. Mariah Carey has supposedly talked with her personal trainer about reducing the strenuous nature of her workouts in order to prepare for pregnancy. No one knows whether this preparation has anything to do with a pregnancy right now or one in the future and according to the tabloids, there is little difference in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, the rag mags would love to see Mariah Carey proven NOT pregnant in order to replay the story over and over again at every possible turn to make more money.

There are other changes and events that make people think Mariah Carey is pregnant. One of the most popular is the visit Mariah Carey made on the Ellen Show. Ellen, being the blunt person she is, asked Mariah Carey if she were pregnant and the pop star did not deny that she was. However, her lack of an answer at all lead Ellen to extreme measures. The host brought out a bottle of champagne to toast the good health of Mariah Carey would managed to come up with several reasons why she could not drink the champagne. This was not the right idea especially since she did not say she wasn't pregnant.

The world of pop stardom leads to having babies later in life. With the huge onslaught of late in life pregnancies, Mariah Carey would fit right in. There are, however, chances that the couple would have as much trouble conceiving as other stars and be forced to go with artificial treatments in order to conceive. No matter how the baby is conceived, there will be a baby in the future of the Mariah Carey / Nick Cannon marriage, when is the ultimate question that will drive the sales of the rag mags.