It’s baby boy #2 for celebrity couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Bodhi Ransom Green was born on February 12 and is already famous in his own right due to his unusual name. The Buddist word, bodhi, represents a buddha’s understanding of the nature of things. It can mean awakened and enlightenment.

Megan FoxBaby Bodhi has two big brothers: 15-month-old Noah and 12-year-old Kassius, Green’s son by a previous relationship.

This past November, Fox described pregnancy #2 as rough but said the first one was difficult during the first trimester, too. When asked during an ABC News interview how the two pregnancies differed, Fox responded that chasing a toddler after a 16-hour work day left her with no time for comparison.

Fox will play reporter April O’Neil in a Paramount remake of the movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, due out in August. She’s also designed a fragrance for Avon that launches in February. Called “Instinct for Her,” Fox describes the scent as having a hint of sandalwood and perfect for daytime.

Hubby Brian Austin Green co-stars opposite Charlie Sheen in the FX network TV series Anger Management. Fox, 27, and Green, 40, met in 2004 on the set of the TV series Hope & Faith when she was 18 and he was 30.

Rumors of their on-again, off-again romance were laid to rest once and for all when the couple were married in Maui in June 2010. Their first son, Noah Shannon Green, was born in September 2012.

After Noah’s birth, the family spent several weeks in peaceful seclusion at home before releasing any baby photos or the baby’s name. There was much speculation at the time of the meaning behind the baby’s name but no explanations were given then, either.

Fox grew up in a strict Pentecostal environment in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and attended Catholic school for 12 years. In an Esquire magazine interview in 2013, Fox acknowledged her Christian faith is still an important part of her life, that she speaks in tongues, and uses her faith to prevent her from following the same route as Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. Her first son’s name may carry a special Biblical meaning for the actress.

California is home for Green, whose father was a country and western musician. Green’s first big break came when he landed a recurring role in the TV series Beverly Hills 90210, a role he kept for ten years.

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