How Would Things Change if Michelle Obama Were Pregnant?

This is a question many people started asking when the new, young President of the United States, Barack Obama, was sworn into office. His wife is still living in those years of fertility, unlike many other Presidents and with two children under the age of 15, there is no physical reason to believe Michelle Obama could not be pregnant as some time in the future. How would a Michelle Obama pregnancy change the face of politics as we know it? The changes would be subtle at best. We must remember that the First Lady is already on the list as a mother first and a First Lady second. A Michelle Obama pregnancy would highlight the ability of a First Lady to "do it all" and is that not what we already think of Michelle Obama. There would be a new interesting twist to the First Household, however. The President would be escorted to the Ob-Gyn for the first time in office. There is a potential for overnight feedings and diaper changes no matter how crucial the United States economy is right now. A highlight would be placed on the activity level and food consumption of the First Household like never before. Grandma would have another child to care for in the White House. While people in the world believe Michelle Obama is a responsible person, there is always the chance that a pregnancy could occur. While it is thought that the First Family would take a Michelle Obama pregnancy news flash in stride, there would definitely be some of the change happening in the White House that Barack Obama promised in his many speeches on the campaign trail. As with any small child who grows up in the White House, the threat is very high. A pregnant Michelle Obama would need to be watched carefully and followed even more carefully because she would be a bigger target that the President himself. The children are already in a world that has been turned upside down and this would just make matters worse in the long run by placing even more attention on them as they will be "expecting" as well. The White House is a place for change and the Obama Family has certainly marked a place in history that will never be altered. Michelle Obama has the potential to be the first woman to be pregnant in the White House, but that is not a change the Obama family was looking for when they signed up for this life path. If celebrities can prevent pregnancy until they are in their 40s, the First Lady of the United States should have no trouble stopping a pregnancy from occurring. The trouble is, what happens if Michelle and Barack Obama decide a pregnancy is what they want while in the White House? Is a son in the near future for Barack Obama? How about twins? Life is never more changed than when a baby or set of babies comes into your life and Michelle Obama would handle that stress with the best of them.