The Nelly Furtado pregnancy rumors may also have something to do with the engagement of the star and her sound engineer boyfriend.

The Grammy red carpet is the place to dispel any pregnancy rumors you want to deny. For Nelly Furtado, the gown chosen for the event did not dispel the current pregnancy rumors as much as it bolstered them. The pop singing star, born in Canada, wore a blue dress with draped cloth over the mid section. This is the type of gown used to hide a pregnancy or start rumors of a pregnancy. Why would a star want to start these rumors? Why not! When stars are in the tabloids, they are in the spotlight and it brings their works back into popularity if only for a bit. Imagine a small boost in sales every time you walked out your front door, wouldn't you walk out more often?

The Nelly Furtado pregnancy rumors may also have something to do with the engagement of the star and her sound engineer boyfriend. Unlike many in Hollywood, the stars were engaged in 2007 and then fell off the map with no marriage plans and no baby announcement. This is unheard of and thus the rumor mill needed to create something in order to sell, sell, sell the pregnancy idea and Nelly Furtado helped out a lot with that dress choice on the red carpet. Loose fabric and a baby bump do not help a star to prove she is not sporting a new pregnancy.

Nelly Furtado is not new to pregnancy, she is already the mother of one young child with her former boyfriend. But, being a mom does not mean she is pregnant again. As a matter of fact, both Nelly Furtado and her publicist have denied the rumors she is pregnant (this is Hollywood right?). Everyone in Hollywood denies the pregnancy when the tabloids announce them, but not everyone is telling the truth. Some believe strongly that Nelly Furtado is actually pregnant and keeping the baby a secret until the first trimester is safely behind her. How can you tell if Nelly Furtado is pregnant?

There are some tell tale signs that Nelly Furtado may be pregnant including the loose fitting dress worn at the Grammy's, the hand gestures covering the stomach on the red carpet and the desire for another Nelly Furtado album. Nelly Furtado was pregnant when she was recording the Whoa Nelly album and she was thrilled to be more calm during the recording process thanks to her pregnancy. So, some may think that if Nelly Furtado wants another album with the popularity of the first album, she will need to be pregnancy during the recording process.

Nelly Furtado is young and in Hollywood, that means there is plenty of time to have babies in the future. For some, that fateful blue dress means she will be announcing another pregnancy very soon. For others, it simply means she will need to hire a new designer or a new fashion coordinator before heading out to another major event on a red carpet.