Nicole Kidman Ready To Have Another Baby

There have been rumors of Nicole Kidman being pregnant with her second child her month’s now. But, how honest are these rumors? According to Kidman, she has a little belly and that is something every woman in her family deals with. With stars like Heidi Klum losing all of their baby weight just a few weeks after birth, it seems the media is not letting up on Nicole Kidman about her pregnancy weight. But, is there really another baby on the way for Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban? Probably not.

Nicole Kidman married the man she wanted to be pregnant with a bit late in life. She is now 40 years old and spent the earliest and most fertile years of her life with hubby Tom Cruise whom she met on the set of Days of Thunder.

She played a doctor and he played a race car driver. Today, Tom Cruise has moved on to a younger woman and is having child and child with his new wife. Nicole Kidman moved on to hubby Keith Urban and had her first biological child with him. It seemed the divorce no one expected was what both needed to settle down in their home lives.

For Nicole Kidman, another pregnancy may not be the best option. She has been featured on the front pages of many tabloids for her alarmingly small size. At 5’10”, Nicole Kidman could use a few pounds on the body in order to be healthier overall and as she ages, but this is just an opinion.

Others who also feel as though Nicole Kidman is not healthy enough to have more children are faced with a backlash from those who believe fat is the new thin. A sort of side debate if you will that stems from the Nicole Kidman pregnancy news we all love to read.

Whether Nicole Kidman is healthy enough to have children or not, she has hinted to the fact that she will be removing herself from the spotlight for a while to have more children. People magazine reported that the star attended the Australia premiere in antsy fashion. She was forced to leave her baby,

Sunday Rose, alone for the first time since birth. The actress stated, on the red carpet, that her future is up in the air. There are movie offers, sure, but she may just want to take the time to have a few more kids.

In the world of Hollywood, famous actresses are pushing the limits of the female body. Where once, having children after the age of 35 was deemed dangerous, today lives an entire population of people who think this is the perfect age to start a family. No matter what the world thinks, the tabloids and the media are on the edge of their seats waiting for the official report that Nicole Kidman is pregnant again. Sorry Tom, it took an Aussie to fill the father boots for Nicole.