When it comes to a success story, Rachel Zoe’s story is one of the best. The celebrity fashion consultant has no formal fashion or consulting training, but that doesn’t stop the world of celebrity women out there from picking up the phone to schedule an appointment. After two seasons of the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, she and investment banker husband Rodger Berman are expecting their first child. Rachel Zoe is 39 years old, which makes this pregnancy perfect timing in Hollywood years.

Rachel Zoe is not one to let a pregnancy or baby hold her back from accomplishing all her dreams. In addition to having a clothing line on QVC, the fashionista is starting her own life of lifestyle fitting garb. She plans on offering everything a person needs to create the perfect look including accessories and shoes. Later, there could be the addition of home products and accessories. Wonder if there will be an infant line added now that Rachel Zoe with be a first time mom?

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