According to an interview, Sandra Bullock is happy to become pregnant, but that is not the only way she is thinking about becoming a mother.

Sandra Bullock is over 40 years old and is still married to a strong man in Jesse James, though they are now very separated. In the past, Sandra Bullock has felt she was not in the right place to become a mother. Whether it was because she had not found a man that she wanted to have children with or there was something more pressing she felt she needed to do in the world, the thought of having children was left to the future as opposed to the present. Thanks to a new interview, and until her separation,Sandra Bullock has been on the list of celebrities to watch for pregnancy in the coming year. Today, Sandra Bullock feels the time is right to become a mother and pregnancy is on her mind – but that is not all she is thinking about.

According to the interview, Sandra Bullock is happy to become pregnant, but that is not the only way she is thinking about becoming a mother. Bullock is also thinking about adoption is her time as a biological mother has passed. This is not uncommon in Hollywood, as many celebrities decide to start their families with adopted children instead of with pregnancies of their own. Most notably, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman started their families with adopted children only to have biological children of their own later in life in other relationships. Other celebrity adopting parents include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Aside from pregnancy, Sandra Bullock also talked about sex in her 40s. She claims that everything is better in her 40s and this is why she is ready to have a baby now.

Sandra Bullock has earned quite a strong portfolio over the years. As an actress, the star is noted as one of the prime choices for romantic comedies, but has also delved into dramas throughout the years. She has starred in the movies, The Lake House, Crash, Premonition, Speed, While You Were Sleeping, The Net, A Time to Kill, In Love and War, Speed 2, Hope Floats, 28 Days and Murder by Numbers.

Sandra Bullock, despite her successful career, is most noted for her role in the hit movie Crash. She received a Black Reel Award, Critics Choice Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for the movie Crash. Most recently she won an Oscar.

What Does the Future Hold for Sandra Bullock?

If Sandra Bullock were to get pregnant she would be placing the producing and acting career she has worked so hard to build on the back burner for a while, at least. The relationship between Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James is now destroyed but only time will tell if she is able to conceive and bring a baby into the world in the natural manner. This year is not anymore the best year for Sandra Bullock to get pregnant – so the gossip blogs and the rag mags will be watching every red carpet event to see if a baby bump tells the future of Sandra Bullock.