Film superstar Vera Farmiga was recently photographed on the red carpet with husband Renn Hawkey attending the opening of the Metropolitan Opera. The couple stopped in the middle of the red carpet and they both placed a hand on Vera Farmiga’s stomach. It seems the baby on the way is quite the fan of opera and wanted mom to know.

Being kicked in the stomach by her unborn child is nothing new for Vera Farmiga. She and husband Renn Hawkey have a small son at home –this will be the second child for Farmiga. When asked about their son, the couple offered he was a patient child and a peacemaker. Being raised around adults seems to have a calming effect, Farmiga eludes.

The couple has no intention of finding out the gender of the baby on the way. At this stage of the game, Vera Farmiga is quite calm about being a new mother again, though she admits to being eager to have a sibling for her little one.