What should you pack for the hospital?

Packing your hospital bag a little is always a good idea. You never know when will go into labor and once contractions begin, making sure your hospital bag has everything you need will be a feat of its own. Once, done, keep the bag by the front door. While you may feel tempted to pack everything under the sun, you should try to pack only the essentials for labor, delivery, and the trip home.

Here are hospital essentials for you and baby:

         Admission forms
         Stopwatch or watch with a second hand for contractions
         Playlist with calming music
         Cell phone, extra battery, charger (!), external battery
         Lip balm
         Lollipops for dry mouth
         Hair bands or scrunchies
         Stress ball or balloon filled with sand
         Video camera
         Digital camera
         Flash camera
         Money for vending machines and cafeteria
         Nursing pads
         Full coverage panties – one size too large
         Feminine napkins
         Large maternity nightgown
         Water bottle
         Personal items for dad
         Baby outfit
         Receiving blankets
         Hat for baby –if applicable
         Baby book
         Stocked baby bag
         Car seat

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