Premature Labor Symptoms and Signs - When To Call The Doctor

    Premature labor and delivery is the #1 reason for newborn death. You should call the doctor or go to the hospital if you have any of these symptoms or signs. ... more »

    Here’s What’s Different About Sex During Pregnancy

    People have been having sex and getting pregnant for longer than anybody can remember but the idea of sex during pregnancy is a constant source of question.  Sex during pregnancy involves the body and the emotions just as it did before but pregnancy does present a few new issues. ... more »

    Sex and the Five Trimesters of Pregnancy

      You’re probably thinking there only three trimesters of pregnancy, right?  After all, “tri-“ means three but it could mean that there are five distinct three-month periods associated with pregnancy and each one affects your sex life in distinctly different ways. ... more »

    Let’s Take the Mystery Out of Pregnancy Sex

      Chances are it was sex that got you pregnant so there’s no reason to stop the fun and games now that the deed is done.  Yet sex during pregnancy remains a mysterious subject for many couples.  So mysterious questions are rarely asked, the discussion rarely had.  Let’s start here to take some of the mystery out of pregnancy sex. ... more »

    Enjoy Herbal Teas During Pregnancy for Health and Pleasure

    People in China have been drinking tea for at least 5,000 years, first as a medicinal beverage and then, centuries later, for pleasure.  During the age of global discovery in the Middle Ages of the last millennium, explorers from Europe spread the custom of drinking tea around the world. ... more »

    10 Things Nobody Told You About Labor and Delivery

    Here it is:  your own personal D-Day!  It may not be the due date you marked on your calendar months ago but that date was an educated guess at best.  You’re verrrrrry pregnant, you’re surrounded by a dream team of maternity personnel but it’s the baby calling the shots, especially right now.  Here are 10 things nobody told you about labor and delivery (and you’ll soon be able to add a whole ne ... more »

    What You Can Wear for Labor

    Most women opt to wear a hospital gown for the birth of our babies. And while I understand that a hospital gown is undeniably convenient - no worry about getting it messy or having to clean it - they are notoriously ugly and revealing. ... more »

    Gate Control and How it Can Affect Your Birth

    What’s the first thing you do if you smack your funny bone? Without even thinking about it, you rub your elbow. You’re using gate control to alleviate your pain - even if you don’t have any idea what that is. What does this mean for labor? ... more »

    7 Ways to get your Labor Started

    The first thing you should do if you are overdue is to wait. Have patience and let your baby decide what his or her birthday will be. ... more »

    In Labor Gravity Is Your Friend

    Lying flat on the back, also known as the lithotomy position, turns out to be one of the hardest positions there is to give birth in (short of standing on your head!) ... more »

    Cervical Exams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The most important question to ask when considering an exam, like any other test, is “What will we do with this information?” ... more »

    My Labor Signs Contractions Timer Counting Tool

    The BabyMed Labor and Contraction Timer Tool allows you to follow your contractions as labor begins and throughout labor. This  tool automatically calculates the number of contractions, length, interval, and other important information.   ... more »

    Study: Epidurals Slow Second Stage of Labor, Delay Delivery

    The findings of a recent study on the use of epidurals during labor suggest the need to review current guidelines defining normal progression and potentially dangerous prolonged (abnormal) labor. ... more »

    Is Water Birth a Good Idea?

    According to Wikipedia, a water birth refers to childbirth, usually human, that occurs in water. ... more »

    How to Choose Your Midwife

    Everyone I know who used a midwife during her pregnancy and during her delivery absolutely loved it. They said they felt a special connection with their midwife towards the big day, which made the delivery process more personal and easy. ... more »

    Can Children Spend the Night in the Hospital?

    The definition of the term children is important when answering this question. If your children are older and can take care of themselves (teens and older) the hospital may allow children to stay overnight in place of your partner. ... more »

    Can I Shower During Labor?

    Most women don't have to report to the hospital immediately at the start of labor. If there are no complications & the pregnancy has been normal & uneventful, mom can stay at home and take a shower ... more »

    Can I Use My Own Linens on the Bed?

    There are few hospitals that refuse women the right to change the bed linens to a personal set during labor. However, the bed linens should fit the hospital bed snugly for safety reasons. ... more »

    Changing the Birth Plan After Labor Starts

    A birth plan can help guide the birthing process with basic instructions, wishes and expectations outlined for labor coaches, nurses and doctors. ... more »

    What Classes Can Prepare Me for Labor?

    Labor classes like Lamaze are available for women who want to ease labor pain and learn techniques for self control and self awareness during the birthing process. Other birthing classes include the Bradley method, Leboyer method and breastfeeding classes. ... more »

    Can I Eat Solid Food During Labor?

    Solid food is that source of energy you could really use about five hours into labor, but the one thing you will be denied if you think of solid food as a full meal. ... more »

    How Many People are Allowed in the Delivery Room?

    The number of people allowed in the delivery room will vary by hospital. ... more »

    Can My Labor be Photographed or Filmed?

    Filming or photographing the birth of your child is an extremely personal choice, but not all hospitals, birthing centers or obstetricians allow YOU to make that choice. ... more »

    Benefits of Having Family in the Delivery Room

    Family is all about support and love and there is no better time to have tons of both than the time you spend in the delivery room. Discuss your feelings about immediate and extended family being part of the delivery with your partner early in the pregnancy. ... more »

    Choosing the Best Labor Coach

    All 40 weeks of pregnancy boils down to one moment ' labor. A laborcoach is someone who's there to keep mom on track, get dad's head out of the clouds and even help keep family members informed and appeasedduring the birthing process. ... more »

    Tocolytic therapy for preterm delivery systematic review and network meta-analysis

    This is a great review from the British Medical Journal of tocolytic therapy, treatment to stop preterm labor. It reviews  what works and what does not. There are two tocolytics that seem to have the highest success rate: prostaglandin inhibitors (eg indomethacin, ketorolac)  performed best closely followed by calcium channel blockers (nifedipine, nitrates). ... more »

    Oxytocin versus no treatment or delayed treatment for slow progress in the first stage of spontaneous labour

    For women making slow progress in spontaneous labour, treatment with oxytocin as compared with no treatment or delayed oxytocin treatment did not result in any discernable difference in the number of caesarean sections performed. ... more »

    High dose versus low dose oxytocin for augmentation of delayed labour

    Higher dose of oxytocin starting and increment dose (4 mU per minute or more) was associated with a reduction in the length of labour and in caesarean section, and an increase in spontaneous vaginal birth.  ... more »

    Pain management for women in labour: an overview of systematic reviews

    Most methods of non-pharmacological pain management are non-invasive and appear to be safe for mother and baby, however, their efficacy is unclear, due to limited high quality evidence. In many reviews, only one or two trials provided outcome data for analysis and the overall methodological quality of the trials was low. ... more »

    Epidural versus non-epidural or no analgesia in labour

    Epidural analgesia appears to be effective in reducing pain during labour. However, women who use this form of pain relief are at increased risk of having an instrumental delivery. ... more »

    Induction of labour for improving birth outcomes for women at or beyond term

    A policy of labour induction compared with expectant management is associated with fewer perinatal deaths and fewer caesarean sections. ... more »

    Are Partners Allowed to Stay the Night in the Hospital?

    Hospital rules regarding partners, coaches or spouses staying the night of the birth vary by hospital. Some hospitals encourage partner support. Staff will setup a bed and even bring meals to your partner as a guest. ... more »

    Outcomes of elective induction of labour compared with expectant management: population based study

    Our findings indicate that elective induction of labour at term gestation can reduce perinatal mortality in developed countries without increasing the risk of operative delivery. ... more »

    Hospital Is Trying To Reduce Cesarean Deliveries By Changing Policies

    As the number of cesarean sections has risen sharply, with no clear evidence that they improve the health of mothers or babies, experts say that childbirth has become overly medicalized and overly expensive. Now some hospitals are making an effort to reduce those trends. ... more »

    Should Your Mom Be in the Delivery Room?

    Before labor begins, you may have to deal with the idea that someone other than you and your partner want to attend the birth. Should your mom be in the delivery room or should this event be kept between you and your partner? Here are a few things to consider. ... more »

    Your Dad in the Delivery Room - What to Consider

    However, some dads are excited by the idea of experiencing the birthing experience with their daughters. Before saying yes or no, think about all aspects of the birthing process and how you truly feel about dad being there. ... more »

    How To Deal With Delivery Room Guests

    Guests in the delivery room are a topic couples should discuss well before labor begins. How many people do you want around during labor? Is there a difference for you between labor guests and guests who you want to experience the active pushing phase? ... more »

    Relieve Your Labor Pains with a Massage

    Many women have feared the pain of labor since childhood. Even before anyone tells you that it’s painful, it’s easy to draw such a conclusion when you consider what you know about the size of a baby versus what you know about female anatomy. ... more »

    Impact of Breastfeeding during pregnancy on Maternal and Newborn Outcomes

    There was no significant difference in full-term or non-full-term births rates and mean newborn birth weight between for those who continued and discontinued breastfeeding during pregnancy.  ... more »

    10 Things My Wife Taught Me During Labor

    Out of three pregnancies she only went into labor once, but that once was more than enough for me. During the three hours of labor she endured, I learned 10 important things I believe new fathers can learn from. ... more »

    Labor-Tracking Tool May Reduce Risk of C-Section

    According to researchers, the guidelines for progression of labor before suggesting a C-section delivery are based on outdated clinical studies. ... more »

    Labor Contractions: How Do I Know It's Labor?

    It's a fact. Most women got through labor in preparation for delivering the baby. But why is it happening and how do you know you are in labor? ... more »

    How successful will induction of labor be?

    The best way to predict whether the induction is going to be successful, and whether you are going to have a normal delivery is to do a vaginal examination and check the cervix for 5 different parameters, and adding them up for the Bishop score. ... more »

    Abnormal Labor

    Abnormal labor is a broadly-defined condition that can indicate a particular part of the labor process is not occurring under normal circumstances. ... more »

    7 Tips for Staying Comfortable at Work During Pregnancy

    There are times during pregnancy when you are just plain uncomfortable. Working until the latter stages of pregnancy could increase this feeling exponentially, but there are a few things you can change about your workspace to increase your comfort level. ... more »

    Mucus Plug and Bloody Show in Pregnancy

    Passing the cervical mucus plug and seeing bloody show during pregnancy could mean labor is on the way though if it happens prior to 37 weeks it could be the first sign of impending premature birth. ... more »

    Does Alcohol-Free Mouth Wash Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth?

    Researchers presented a study at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine yearly meet-up, The Pregnancy Meeting, regarding the possible benefits of using alcohol-free mouthwash to reduce preterm labor. ... more »

    Facts About Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a time in life when women feel closer to their spouse and body more than ever before. Here are a few facts about pregnancy for expecting moms. ... more »

    How Pregnant Am I When…?

    There are milestones throughout a pregnancy. Some are physically noticeable and others happen and pregnant women have no idea they occurred. How pregnant am I? ... more »

    What is it Like to be Pregnant with Twins?

    For many women, having twins is either a prayer answered or the scariest thing on earth. As is the case with all pregnancies, being pregnant with twins can be easy or hard. It is often the unanswered questions that are hardest for women pregnant with twins. ... more »