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Premature Labor Symptoms and Signs - When To Call The Doctor

Premature labor and delivery is the #1 reason for newborn death. You should call the doctor or go to the hospital if you have any of these symptoms or signs. ... more »
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Tocolytic therapy for preterm delivery systematic review and network meta-analysis

This is a great review from the British Medical Journal of tocolytic therapy, treatment to stop preterm labor. It reviews  what works and what does not. There are two tocolytics that seem to have the highest success rate: prostaglandin inhibitors (eg indomethacin, ketorolac)  performed best closely followed by calcium channel blockers (nifedipine, nitrates). ... more »
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Here’s What’s Different About Sex During Pregnancy

People have been having sex and getting pregnant for longer than anybody can remember but the idea of sex during pregnancy is a constant source of question.  Sex during pregnancy involves the body and the emotions just as it did before but pregnancy does present a few new issues. ... more »
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Sex and the Five Trimesters of Pregnancy

  You’re probably thinking there only three trimesters of pregnancy, right?  After all, “tri-“ means three but it could mean that there are five distinct three-month periods associated with pregnancy and each one affects your sex life in distinctly different ways. Sex and the Pre-Pregnancy Trimester ... more »
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Let’s Take the Mystery Out of Pregnancy Sex

  Chances are it was sex that got you pregnant so there’s no reason to stop the fun and games now that the deed is done.  Yet sex during pregnancy remains a mysterious subject for many couples.  So mysterious questions are rarely asked, the discussion rarely had.  Let’s start here to take some of the mystery out of pregnancy sex. ... more »

Enjoy Herbal Teas During Pregnancy for Health and Pleasure

People in China have been drinking tea for at least 5,000 years, first as a medicinal beverage and then, centuries later, for pleasure.  During the age of global discovery in the Middle Ages of the last millennium, explorers from Europe spread the custom of drinking tea around the world. ... more »

10 Things Nobody Told You About Labor and Delivery

Here it is:  your own personal D-Day!  It may not be the due date you marked on your calendar months ago but that date was an educated guess at best.  You’re verrrrrry pregnant, you’re surrounded by a dream team of maternity personnel but it’s the baby calling the shots, especially right now.  Here are 10 things nobody told you about labor and delivery (and you’ll soon be able to add a whole ne ... more »
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What You Can Wear for Labor

Most women opt to wear a hospital gown for the birth of our babies. And while I understand that a hospital gown is undeniably convenient - no worry about getting it messy or having to clean it - they are notoriously ugly and revealing. ... more »
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Gate Control and How it Can Affect Your Birth

What’s the first thing you do if you smack your funny bone? Without even thinking about it, you rub your elbow. You’re using gate control to alleviate your pain - even if you don’t have any idea what that is. What does this mean for labor? ... more »
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7 Ways to get your Labor Started

The first thing you should do if you are overdue is to wait. Have patience and let your baby decide what his or her birthday will be. ... more »