The must-have list is complete and the home is ready for baby. Now, mom and dad have enough time to work on the nice to have a checklist. Nice to haves include things that are wanted, but not needed to care for the baby. Some of the items on the list are used with a newborn and others can be used at various times in infancy. The important thing to remember, is the nice to have list is not essential for basic baby care. These are just items that make life a little easier from time to time or make the home and nursery more organized, comfortable and beautiful. 

         Crib mobile
         Crib bumper
         Baby dresser
         Themed curtains
         Wall appliqués
         Closet organizers
         Changing table organizer
         Themed rug
         Small sleeping sofa
         Infant toys
         Toy box
         White board and markers for tracking feedings
         Air purifier
         Crib dust ruffle
         Bouncy seat
         Warmer for wipes
         Bottle warmer
         Diaper disposal
         Waterproof crib pad
         Carrier for baby
         Baby swing
         Pack N Play or other portable play yard
         High feeding chair
         Low feeding chair

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