What to pack in the diaper bag

Whether you're traveling just a few minutes from home or hours away, the diaper bag should be packed with essentials to make travel easier. Most new parents think of the diaper bag as a portable nursery, which could create more clutter than calm. There are very few essential items to pack in the diaper bag but choosing the right ones can mean the difference between being prepared and lost along the way.

Be sure not to forget these essential items!

         Folding changing pad
         Diaper rash cream
         Burp cloths or cloth diapers
         Receiving blankets
         Extra outfit for baby
         Extra shirt for mom
         Infant sunscreen
         Baby bottle, if applicable
         Powdered formula or single-serve packets of formula, if applicable
         Nursing pads, if applicable
         One infant toy
         One bib
         Extra pacifiers
         Large plastic bag for diaper disposal
         Cell phone
         List of emergency numbers
         Contact card in case the diaper bag is lost
         Baby food, if your infant is on solid food
         Bottled water for mom and baby
         Mommy snacks
         First aid kit
         Infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen
         Prescription medications for mom and baby, if applicable

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