Is your home prepared for the time you will spend in the hospital?

Better yet, is everything in place for a comfortable time in the home for a few weeks after leaving the hospital? Having your home stocked for baby and family is a good way to give yourself enough time to transition to being a new mom. This home stock list includes things for you, baby, other children, and pets. There may even be a few things thrown in that dad would love to have.

Check off what you have already stocked!

         Easy to prepare meals
         Extra snacks for children
         Frozen prepared meals
         Fresh fruit
         Fresh vegetables
         Canned tuna and other meats
         Coffee and tea
         Coffee creamer
         Hand sanitizer
         Gift cards and thank you cards
         Special gifts for other children in the home
         Special gifts for pets
         Full coverage underwear – at least three packs
         2 month’s supply of maxi pads
         Breast pump
         Breast milk storage bags or containers
         Slow flow nipples
         Diapers in variable sizes
         Receiving blankets
         Cloth diapers or burp cloths
         Baby bath supplies
         Crib sheets
         Baby wipes

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