Doctor at desk with woman

That first prenatal visit can be the most exciting. A positive urine or blood test for pregnancy is one thing, but having the doctor or midwife talk to you about the upcoming changes and fetal growth, helps the reality of your pregnancy sink in.

With so much excitement, a checklist is important to help you remember all the things you can expect and should ask. The first prenatal visit will most likely be the longest due to gathering a full prenatal medical history.

What Should Happen at the First Prenatal Visit?
         Full medical history
         General health check-up
         Internal pelvic exam
         Cervical exam
         First round of prenatal blood tests
         First round of prenatal urine tests
         Discussion about genetic testing
         Initial ultrasound, if doctor has ultrasound machine in office
         Discussion about future fetal and maternal changes

Questions To Ask
         How many pounds should I gain during pregnancy?
         When should weight gain start?
         Does my health history suggest an increased risk for certain
             conditions or complications?
         What prenatal screenings will I need?
         Is there a specific pregnancy diet I should follow?
         Is exercise allowed/suggested during pregnancy?
         Is sex acceptable throughout pregnancy?
         Can I travel by train, plane and/or car?
         What beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?
         Is there a list of over-the-counter medications I can take?
         Are my current prescription medications safe during?
         What prenatal vitamin is best?
         Are there any other supplements I should take?
         What is the best way to combat morning sickness?
         What symptoms can I expect and how long should they last?
         Do you advocate certain prenatal classes?
         Whom do I call if I have cramping, spotting or bleeding?
         If you are out of town, who will be my primary caregiver?
         Will I see the same doctor for each appointment?
         When will the first ultrasound be scheduled?
         Will I hear the baby’s heartbeat every visit?
         Who or where should I call if I have further questions?
         Who will deliver my baby?

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